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Creationism Doesn’t Work with Journalism

Journalist Virginia Heffernan displayed incredible courage coming out as a creationist. Well, incredible courage and incredible foolishness. Heffernan has had a successful career in her chosen field. She has written for The New York Times and the website Slate in the past. Currently Yahoo! News features her work, where she mostly writes about technology. Last […]

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The Science of Kissing

I have been an admirer of Sheril Kirshenbaum since friend and Broad Side Contributor David Wescott introduced us via E-mail.  I haven’t yet met Sheril in person, but I love her work, so for Valentine’s Day, I thought as long as we were talking about the science of love, it only made sense to also […]

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Your Love Brain is on Crack

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day here at The Broad Side? We’re not a mush-gushy bunch, at least when it comes to our writing. But how about a look at the science of love? This video explains why and how we experience love — it’s all about the brain, not the heart! Even with all this […]

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Allie Wilkinson

This Is What A Science Advocate Looks Like

Look at Allie Wilkinson and you may not immediately realize that she’s a scientist. And that’s her point. She’s the founder of a fabulous new Tumblr called “This Is What a Scientist Looks Like,” designed to shatter the stereotypes people have toward scientists.   Allie and her colleagues asked scientists everywhere to share pictures of […]

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The Evolution of Our Discourse

Earlier this year the contestants of the Miss USA 2011 Pageant were asked a simple question – “Should evolution be taught in schools?”  Their responses were posted on YouTube and viewed by roughly a million people. For supporters of science education, the answers from most contestants were disappointing.  Here were some prominent female role models, […]

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On Steve Jobs and the Future of STEM Education

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education is something I think about on a daily basis.  After all, I currently work as a science curriculum designer and I am a former high school science teacher, with hopes to return to the classroom.  I come from a long line of physicists  and engineers and I am […]

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The Curious Case of the Science Cheerleader

At first glance, Darlene Cavalier is the type of woman many feminists view as a role model for their daughters. Darlene  is a senior adviser and contributor to Discover Magazine.  She earned a master’s degree from an Ivy League school.  She’s the principal investigator on a project from the National Science Foundation. She has been […]

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