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Here’s a Word Time Magazine Could Ban

The furor has finally died down over Time Magazine‘s call to ban the word “feminist” from our vocabulary. But if  TIME is going to insist on tossing perfectly good words from our lexicon, I have a better word for their suggested list of trite and irritating words to ban in 2015. Rather than “feminist,” which was […]

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Talking to My Son About Rape Culture

I found out my 12-year-old son and his friends had been using a term I hadn’t heard before: “rape face.” The next day I saw his buddy tag a photo of himself on Instagram with #rapeface. So we sat down to talk. When I asked him to help me understand #rapeface, he was eager to […]

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When Soft is Tough: Spoken Word of a Feminist

“It’s funny to me that a part of the male anatomy is soft strangely enough yet growing a pair makes you tough” Racheal Ofori is an actor and writer who was recently inspired to write this piece and create a short film. Her main inspiration came from Emma Watson’s HeForShe Campaign speech, dissolving negative connotations […]

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Catcall: A Play in One Act

Scene: A city street. A woman walks along. A shout from a male voice. The woman’s heart begins to race and her neck and face flush. Her shoulders tighten and her palms sweat. Her pace quickens involuntarily and her eyes dart to find the source of the shout. Voice-over of woman’s thoughts: Shit. Is he […]

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An Apology to Street Harassers

Dear Gentlemen, Please accept my apologies for overreacting to your innocent attempts to “be friendly” and to your kind “encouragement” regarding my looks. I respect your goals of introducing love and improving my self-esteem in, what is too often, a cold, hard-hearted world. Why can’t more men be like you? I’ve been watching you, and […]

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For All the Young Women Who Think Feminism is BS

Are you a woman who thinks that feminism isn’t for you? Maybe you believe we’ve achieved equal rights and we don’t need a “movement” anymore?  Maybe you wonder if continued discussions about women’s rights are just all BS? It is not. While you are entitled to your opinion and even your experience on this question, […]

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