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Mayor Bob Filner’s Sexual Harassment Lesson

Bob Filner is out of therapy. The 70-year-old mayor of San Diego, who is accused of sexually harassing at least 14 women, including two who were sexually assaulted in the military, actually finished his two-week stint early. This is either a terrific sign that the former 10-term congressman has been cured of his penchant for […]

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Broads of the Week — 11/19/11 Edition

There are so many women around the web writing about important issues every week.  You’d never know from the general conversations surrounding the women often called “mom bloggers.”  And I got laughed at a couple of times this week at a book event for Mothers of Intention: How Women and Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics […]

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A Culture of Abuse

Let me start by stating that despite what this post sounds like, I am not male bashing. I happen to have some incredibly good male friendships and a very strong marriage. I have worked with male mentors and have a male babysitter. This post is not about my disdain for men in general. But I […]

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Dear Gloria Cain, You Might Be Wrong About Herman

I hate to break it to Gloria Cain, but I think she might be in denial about her husband Herman. For Hillary Clinton, accusations against her husband President Bill Clinton about potential sexual extra-curricular activities could only be viewed as part of an ongoing “vast right wing conspiracy.” The late Elizabeth Edwards initially believed that […]

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We Have to Talk about S-E-X Before We Can Change

As I watch the Penn State interim president give a press conference live on CNN, I’m struck by the interesting parallels of two current stories.  * Penn State’s president to victims of abuse: We encourage you to come forward.  * Herman Cain’s attorney to victims of abuse: We encourage you to think twice about coming […]

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