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Mayor Bob Filner’s Sexual Harassment Lesson

Bob Filner is out of therapy. The 70-year-old mayor of San Diego, who is accused of sexually harassing at least 14 women, including two who were sexually assaulted in the military, actually finished his two-week stint early. This is either a terrific sign that the former 10-term congressman has been cured of his penchant for […]

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Broads of the Week — 11/19/11 Edition

There are so many women around the web writing about important issues every week.  You’d never know from the general conversations surrounding the women often called “mom bloggers.”  And I got laughed at a couple of times this week at a book event for Mothers of Intention: How Women and Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics […]

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A Culture of Abuse

Let me start by stating that despite what this post sounds like, I am not male bashing. I happen to have some incredibly good male friendships and a very strong marriage. I have worked with male mentors and have a male babysitter. This post is not about my disdain for men in general. But I […]

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Dear Gloria Cain, You Might Be Wrong About Herman

I hate to break it to Gloria Cain, but I think she might be in denial about her husband Herman. For Hillary Clinton, accusations against her husband President Bill Clinton about potential sexual extra-curricular activities could only be viewed as part of an ongoing “vast right wing conspiracy.” The late Elizabeth Edwards initially believed that […]

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We Have to Talk about S-E-X Before We Can Change

As I watch the Penn State interim president give a press conference live on CNN, I’m struck by the interesting parallels of two current stories.  * Penn State’s president to victims of abuse: We encourage you to come forward.  * Herman Cain’s attorney to victims of abuse: We encourage you to think twice about coming […]

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Broads of the Week — 11/11/11 Edition

As The Broad Side is getting off the ground, our hope is to bring you not only amazing content with the posts you’ll find here every weekday, but also to share the best from the around the web on issues that women (and a few very cool guys!) are writing about.  This week there was […]

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