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Now Trending In “The Newsroom”: Public Shaming

In a recent episode of “The Newsroom,” Aaron Sorkin’s HBO show on creating, presenting, manipulating and perceiving what we call news, two major characters are publicly embarrassed by events they’d considered either private or inconsequential. In one instance, the brilliant but socially misguided finance reporter Sloan Sabbith is shocked – Shocked! — when the man […]

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Maybe You Don’t Need Social Media to be Successful

You know that friend who frustratingly and inexplicably won’t get a Facebook account? In my social circle, that’s me. I also don’t tweet, pin, or tumble (that’s what they call posting on Tumblr, right?). It’s not that I’m completely off the grid: I have a blog, a professional website, and I also write for a […]

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Is Social Media Activism Truly Activism?

Nowadays, social media makes everyone feel like they have a big, booming voice to use for instigating change. Just spend a little time on Twitter or in the comments section of a newspaper article and you’ll read opinions and suggestions from everyone from issue experts to the tinfoil hat brigade. It’s a dynamic litany of […]

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Allie Wilkinson

This Is What A Science Advocate Looks Like

Look at Allie Wilkinson and you may not immediately realize that she’s a scientist. And that’s her point. She’s the founder of a fabulous new Tumblr called “This Is What a Scientist Looks Like,” designed to shatter the stereotypes people have toward scientists.   Allie and her colleagues asked scientists everywhere to share pictures of […]

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Broads of the Week — 12/4/11 Edition

As our heads swirl this week with the thoughts of the strange “I’m just a victim” speech given by Herman Cain as he withdrew from the race for the Republican presidential nomination, Michele Bachmann setting us straight on gay marriage (gay people can get married as long as they marry someone of the opposite sex) […]

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