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MySpace Wants You To Log In But Don’t Do It

In a moment of late-night insanity, I logged into MySpace. I recently read an article about how the retro social media site, the precursor to Facebook, was making a resurgence as people logged into forgotten accounts to snatch photos for Way Back Wednesday and Throw Back Thursday features. It was 1 a.m. and I had […]

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Twenty Years and Counting: The Commercial Internet at 20

Imagine your world without streaming video and music, without the Web, Facebook or online shopping. Imagine traveling without a GPS. What if instead of tapping the Search Bar on your phone or tablet to get the information you needed now, you had to trudge down to the local library to look it up? For those […]

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Now Trending In “The Newsroom”: Public Shaming

In a recent episode of “The Newsroom,” Aaron Sorkin’s HBO show on creating, presenting, manipulating and perceiving what we call news, two major characters are publicly embarrassed by events they’d considered either private or inconsequential. In one instance, the brilliant but socially misguided finance reporter Sloan Sabbith is shocked – Shocked! — when the man […]

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Maybe You Don’t Need Social Media to be Successful

You know that friend who frustratingly and inexplicably won’t get a Facebook account? In my social circle, that’s me. I also don’t tweet, pin, or tumble (that’s what they call posting on Tumblr, right?). It’s not that I’m completely off the grid: I have a blog, a professional website, and I also write for a […]

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Is Social Media Activism Truly Activism?

Nowadays, social media makes everyone feel like they have a big, booming voice to use for instigating change. Just spend a little time on Twitter or in the comments section of a newspaper article and you’ll read opinions and suggestions from everyone from issue experts to the tinfoil hat brigade. It’s a dynamic litany of […]

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