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Power Fashion Statements: #SOTU Edition

While pundits were chuckling over whether President Obama’s tan suit — the one with its own Twitter account and hashtag (#YesWeTan) — would make an appearance at the State of the Union address, there was a clear fashion shift for women at #SOTU. It’s no secret that Washington, D.C. has never been a town known […]

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Our 9 Favorite Memes from the State of the Union Speech

Oh, Barack. Oh, Joe. Don’t forget Ernie. We knew the yearly State of the Union usually has a decent theatrical element, but this year seemed to bestow some especially lovely gifts (gifs?) upon its viewers at home. Here are our favorites: 9. On the speech-writing process:   8. On Secretary of Energy, Dr. Ernest Moniz’s hair […]

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State of the Union Cocktail: For Sipping Only!

As President Obama gives his second to last State of the Union address, we know there are plenty of drinking games and Twitter parties to mark the occasion. But what if you want just one perfect cocktail for sipping that is appropriate for the event, even if you haven’t been invited to sit in the […]

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The State of Our Union is Weird

When I was growing up, everything seemed to be coming up roses for women.  “The Pill”, those fighting for the Equal Rights Amendment, Gloria Steinem getting out of her bunny suit and into tailored Chanel. We, as women, had more choices than any generation before us.  We were raised by the Silent Majority and the […]

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The 10 Best Meme’s of the State of the Union Address

Last night President Obama took the stage and delivered his fifth State of the Union address. A couple of our writers, including myself took over twitter with the #SOTUBroads hashtag which actually trended for a period of time. Who would have thought our writers could drum up such a big stir?  Maybe the lovely First […]

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