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How Many Women Won’t Be Allowed to Vote?

If Angelina Jolie hasn’t changed her voter registration and driver’s license, Mrs. Brad Pitt might not be able to cast a ballot in this year’s mid-term election. That’s not how I want to be like Angelina. But if you live in a state that requires only certain kinds of photo ID in order to vote […]

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Praying for the First Amendment?

For some Supreme Court watchers, it seemed like a no-brainer that the court would decide that public town meetings could not be opened with Christian prayers.  You know, the First Amendment’s call for separation of church and state an all that? Sadly, if you’re not Christian you might be feeling a little left out after […]

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Town Meeting Prayers: Rigged in Favor of Jesus?

The tiny town of Greece, New York is in the news these days because the citizens of Greece like to pray when they start their monthly town meetings. Prayer in one’s daily life rarely makes headlines, but in this case, Greece’s prayers have made it all the way to the top of the American judicial […]

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