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I Bring My Kids to Vote

Tomorrow is a largely anticipated day here in America. Election day. For me, it couldn’t come any sooner because I am beyond sick of political ads polluting my television. I can honestly say, watching my typical Sunday night lineup last night, I saw maybe a hand full of commercials without political motive and it was […]

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Are You Brand Obama or Brand Romney?

Is Barack Obama an iPhone man or a Blackberry kind of guy? Does Mitt Romney like to “tweet” or is he more about “friending?” Image says everything. That’s a mantra not only worshipped in marketing and advertising, but these days, in politics as well. So what images do our presidential candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt […]

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How Every Mother Can Occupy Wall Street

I recently read about a Florida mom who went to Occupy Wall Street. The New York Post got wind of her story, proceeded to write about it but also implied in part that her actions were not particularly responsible. The Daily Kos goes into detail, explaining the support she had from her community so that […]

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