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Power Fashion Statements: #SOTU Edition

While pundits were chuckling over whether President Obama’s tan suit — the one with its own Twitter account and hashtag (#YesWeTan) — would make an appearance at the State of the Union address, there was a clear fashion shift for women at #SOTU. It’s no secret that Washington, D.C. has never been a town known […]

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2014 for Women: The Good, the Bad, the Ridiculous

Well we did it. Made it through another year. Now that 2015 is really here, we can focus a bit on the fact that in 2014 women have had some good news and some bad news with a bit of the ridiculous thrown in. But what with wars, floods, NFL domestic violence, police shootings and […]

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The New Senate 13 — Unlucky for Women?

The new crop of 13 senators taking their seats this week includes 12 Republicans and a single Democrat, Gary Peters of Michigan. Peters is pro-choice, supports Obamacare, a raise in the minimum wage, and is the only one who has voted for the Equal Rights Amendment for women. And the rest? You be the judge. […]

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Here’s A Thought: Lower Your Lena Dunham Expectations and Do You

Here’s A Thought: Lower Your Lena Dunham Expectations and Do You

Lena Dunham, creator of the TV show “Girls” and best-selling memoirist, is like a yard sale: someone else’s trash is another person’s treasure and whether you consider her one or the other, the Internet-at-large wants to slap on a coat of teal paint and repurpose her body/words/work into whatever micro-personal agenda is particularly fancy that […]

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President’s Day: Time for a Female in the White House?

  President’s Day is coming up, and this year I want to honor our female presidents. Oh, I forgot.  There aren’t any.  You’d think it was against the law or something. It probably would have been if the founding fathers had thought of it.  They didn’t, because when they wrote the Constitution nobody thought a […]

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