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Educational Winds of Change

The winds of change are blowing through the Louisiana educational system with the strength of a Category 5 hurricane.  Governor Bobby Jindal longs to make a name for himself on the national stage, a name that was somewhat tarnished by an embarrassing rebuttal to one of Barack Obama’s first speeches made as President.  So desperately […]

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2012 — The Year of the Girl

  In my life, it has been the year of the girl for a long time now, ever since the first of my three daughters was born.  “Girls!” we often scream when the decibel levels rise about the red line on an audiometer.  When you have three daughters you inevitably are surrounded by multitudes of […]

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Political Sexism: More Than Enough to Go Around

There’s plenty of sexism and downright misogyny among talking heads and commentators to go around. Neither the left not the right has a lock on who’s worse. As many people, including myself, have called out Rush Limbaugh for his recent remarks calling a Georgetown law student a “slut” and a “prostitute” for her stand on […]

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Allie Wilkinson

This Is What A Science Advocate Looks Like

Look at Allie Wilkinson and you may not immediately realize that she’s a scientist. And that’s her point. She’s the founder of a fabulous new Tumblr called “This Is What a Scientist Looks Like,” designed to shatter the stereotypes people have toward scientists.   Allie and her colleagues asked scientists everywhere to share pictures of […]

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Self-Image Lessons from a 13-Year-Old Girl

May had just entered her teenage years. She was a chatterbox who loved horses, George Strait, and Rice Krispie treats. May and her mom were appalled that I didn’t know any George Strait songs. They couldn’t believe I’d never slid my feet into cowboy boots or  ridden a horse bareback. I was amazed they had […]

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Broads of the Week — 2/12/12 Edition

Smart women around the web have so much to say. Things that ought to be making their way into the op-ed pages or the op-ed online space, but don’t.  That’s the whole reason The Broad Side was born!  This week, I’ve got some Broads of the Week whose thoughts and opinions I’ think you’ll enjoy! […]

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Broads of the Week — 12/4/11 Edition

As our heads swirl this week with the thoughts of the strange “I’m just a victim” speech given by Herman Cain as he withdrew from the race for the Republican presidential nomination, Michele Bachmann setting us straight on gay marriage (gay people can get married as long as they marry someone of the opposite sex) […]

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The Evolution of Our Discourse

Earlier this year the contestants of the Miss USA 2011 Pageant were asked a simple question – “Should evolution be taught in schools?”  Their responses were posted on YouTube and viewed by roughly a million people. For supporters of science education, the answers from most contestants were disappointing.  Here were some prominent female role models, […]

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