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Power Up Your Feminine

If 2008 was the Year of the Woman, we’ve progressed to the Millennium of the Woman. Not only are women gaining clout in the traditional workplace, they have created their own workplace and leadership roles out of nothing more than audacity and their unique and powerful gifts and talents. Women aren’t following the patriarchal business […]

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My Feminist Plea: Stop Protecting Me

Most days, I pride myself in being an early feminist. I subscribed to Ms. Magazine, I joined the National Organization for Women, I voted, and I sneered dutifully when a man tried to open a car door for me, because I had witnessed first hand how easy it was for a man to get more […]

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Fear and Loathing, Gender-Free

In the past seven days or so, a series of decisions made by a state legislature, a state court and the United States House of Representatives, brought ineffable sadness to progressives in the United States, while many self-styled conservatives cheered. Those decisions include the passage of one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the […]

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“Having It All?” Whoever Said You Could?

Anne-Marie Slaughter meet Sheryl Sandberg. No, that’s not them in the photo, but the latest working mom discussion makes me wonder how long it’s going to be until we’re all at each other like these two lades. Not so long ago, Facebook exec Sandberg announced to all working mothers in America than if she can […]

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Self-Image Lessons from a 13-Year-Old Girl

May had just entered her teenage years. She was a chatterbox who loved horses, George Strait, and Rice Krispie treats. May and her mom were appalled that I didn’t know any George Strait songs. They couldn’t believe I’d never slid my feet into cowboy boots or  ridden a horse bareback. I was amazed they had […]

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