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What Would Gloria Do? #WWGD

The first MAKERS CONFERENCE was held in February, including a celebration of the life and work of Gloria Steinem. In honor of her eightieth birthday, it featured a video with touching and funny statements from Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Katie Couric, and others about Steinem’s life’s work that, as Marlo Thomas summarized, “connected […]

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Another Boost for the Paid Sick Days Movement

More than a quarter million New Yorkers got a big boost last week when the City Council voted 45-6 to expand its paid sick days law. In a city where “a lot of people are one paycheck away from disaster,” as Mayor Bill de Blasio put it in an interview with Chris Hayes, the vote […]

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Stop Multitasking NOW!

If elected officials want to ban marijuana, even though some states are legalizing it, maybe they want to take a look at outlawing multitasking. That’s right, they have something in common — how they impact your brain. I’ve noticed recently that my daughter is on the road to becoming a multitasker, as someone who listens […]

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Too Many Women Can’t Opt Out

I didn’t opt out. Two years ago, I hit the wall at my job. I’d been there almost 7 years, and I was done. I’d learned all I could learn, gone as far as I could go in that position. I was ready to move on. One way or another, I was not going to […]

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I Regret Having Opted Out

When I met my husband in 1999, I had my dream job, in my dream industry, in my dream city. I had an Ivy MBA and was financially self-sufficient. I told my then future husband, that I would never, ever quit my job to be a stay-at-home-mother. I am certain that these things all contributed […]

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“Mom-conomy” Takes Over the World

Woe is me! What’s a mother to do in this world? With all of the economic disparity, the craptastic economy and the completely un-mom-friendly corporate culture that keeps us from our littles? Whether single or married, mothers are discriminated against and can’t seem to manage a work-life balance and score equality. This could destroy the family […]

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It’s Time to Go Back to the Office

About two years ago there was an article that came out in Salon in which writer Katy Read said she regretted quitting her job to stay home with her kids. The headline read “I Wish I’d Never Quit Work To Raise My Sons.” The story’s sub-headline read: “Consider this a warning to new moms: Fourteen […]

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