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What Would Gloria Do? #WWGD

The first MAKERS CONFERENCE was held in February, including a celebration of the life and work of Gloria Steinem. In honor of her eightieth birthday, it featured a video with touching and funny statements from Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Katie Couric, and others about Steinem’s life’s work that, as Marlo Thomas summarized, “connected […]

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Another Boost for the Paid Sick Days Movement

More than a quarter million New Yorkers got a big boost last week when the City Council voted 45-6 to expand its paid sick days law. In a city where “a lot of people are one paycheck away from disaster,” as Mayor Bill de Blasio put it in an interview with Chris Hayes, the vote […]

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Stop Multitasking NOW!

If elected officials want to ban marijuana, even though some states are legalizing it, maybe they want to take a look at outlawing multitasking. That’s right, they have something in common — how they impact your brain. I’ve noticed recently that my daughter is on the road to becoming a multitasker, as someone who listens […]

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Too Many Women Can’t Opt Out

I didn’t opt out. Two years ago, I hit the wall at my job. I’d been there almost 7 years, and I was done. I’d learned all I could learn, gone as far as I could go in that position. I was ready to move on. One way or another, I was not going to […]

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I Regret Having Opted Out

When I met my husband in 1999, I had my dream job, in my dream industry, in my dream city. I had an Ivy MBA and was financially self-sufficient. I told my then future husband, that I would never, ever quit my job to be a stay-at-home-mother. I am certain that these things all contributed […]

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The Problems With STILL Talking About “Opting Out”

By now I assume you have read the New York Times piece “The Opt Out Generation Wants Back In.”   The Broad Side has a Q & A with the author, Judith Warner, about some of the underlying issues with this whole “opting out” idea.  Warner has written two books I personally very much enjoyed.  But […]

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“Mom-conomy” Takes Over the World

Woe is me! What’s a mother to do in this world? With all of the economic disparity, the craptastic economy and the completely un-mom-friendly corporate culture that keeps us from our littles? Whether single or married, mothers are discriminated against and can’t seem to manage a work-life balance and score equality. This could destroy the family […]

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