The 10 Best Meme’s of the State of the Union Address

1. Photo Credit: @Gigglechick

Last night President Obama took the stage and delivered his fifth State of the Union address. A couple of our writers, including myself took over twitter with the #SOTUBroads hashtag which actually trended for a period of time.

Who would have thought our writers could drum up such a big stir?  Maybe the lovely First Lady saw?

When the dust settled, and the State of the Union address was over, and Marco Rubio delivered the Republican response, the humor portion of the evening was fully under way.

And in my feed it all started with Grumpy Cat taking over John Boehner. Which was pretty accurate from my perspective because I swear I didn’t see that man smile one time through the whole address!

I put together a list of my favorites, I hope you enjoy them too!

2. Photo Credit: DemocraticUnderground


3. Photo Credit: 1,000,000 Strong to Keep Marco Rubio Hydrated

4. Photo Credit: Meme Generator

5. Photo Credit:

6. Photo Credit: Meme Generator

7. Photo Credit: Meme Generator

8. Photo Credit: Meme Generator

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10. Photo Credit: Huffington Post

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