Those Girl Scout Cookies Support a Liberal Agenda!

Girl Scouts have been around as long as I can remember. In fact, when I was a girl I had a short stint as a Brownie before I quickly lost interest in favor of karate.

Each year millions of Americans line up in anticipation for their annual cookie sale. Picking and choosing our favorite, over-priced box of cookie treats to indulge on then complain for months on end until the next sale comes along and we can all mob the little girls selling them. No joke, in years past, the boy children and their father have bought six to ten boxes at a time in hopes of having them last a while. Ha! Wishful thinking, right?

Unlike the anti-gay Boy Scouts of America, the Girl Scouts seem to have a pretty liberal background when it comes politics and the women who lead the next generation of scouts.

I would say, roughly a year ago this flyer ended up in my e-mail inbox. I honestly have no idea where it came from, but the information peeked my interest enough to keep the file on my desktop screen to write about.

When I embarked on a reverse look up to see where it came from, I discovered the website which published it. “Honest Girl Scouts” which seems to be an anti-Girl Scouts page aimed at exposing all of the horrible causes which the Girl Scouts support. You know, like supporting contraception, sex education and, of course, being open to LGBT members.

In fact, the flyer above was intended to be a negative form of propaganda to work against the Girl Scouts. Ha! among other things, the flyer contends:

— Girl Scouts of America CEO Anna Maria Chávez has been the guest speaker for and a member of a pro-abortion feminist coalition, the flyer claims. Like it is a bad thing!  If there is anyone who should be leading the youth of our country, it should be a strong pro-choice feminist in my opinion of course!

— Girl Scout troops all across America team up with Planned Parenthood to provide comprehensive sex education to its members. Again, why is this a bad thing? Teaching young women health based information to help protect themselves and stay safe?  How is there something negative about this? Am I the only one who doesn’t have problem with sex education being provided to young women?

— Girl Scouts admit to being open to accepting “transgender boys” who “wish they were girls”  Once again, I do not see why teaching these children acceptance of those who are different is a bad thing? Are we trying to raise bigots for the future? Sorry, but America doesn’t need anyone bigots!

If anything, all this flyer has done is increase my likelihood of dumping even more money on cookies, enrolling my daughter in Girl Scouts as she gets older, and,o f course, becoming active as a parent and a mother myself.

Maybe the Boy Scouts of America could take some pointers from the Girl Scouts?

  • alex

    gosh I hope boy scouts never become like girl scouts! One difference to note our local group absolutely does not allow boys at all. while the local boy scout group welcomes girls.

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