10 Reasons We Need Feminist “Ghostbusters”


Ghostbusters 3, feminist Ghostbusters movie, all female Ghostbusters

As a general rule, I hate Hollywood remakes. There is such a dearth of originality in Hollywood, that I cringe whenever I hear that someone is going to take an old idea, that was fabulous the first time around, and update it or, sometimes just copy it, to make a quick buck with moviegoers.

But it looks like I’m not alone in holding back my judgment on the just announced all female cast for a Ghostbusters 3 movie. Even though Tinseltown is still overwhelmingly male, there is a new moon on the rise with women of a certain age and, dare I say, feminist women of a certain age.

With the announcement, some men seem to be threatened that the childhood memories will be ruined or that a classic film will be emasculated. But there are at least ten reasons that women will rock a remake of the 1980s classic in a demon and ghost-possessed 21st century:

1. Because women can be more than a demon cannister.

2. The Sigourney Weaver character would slap her boss, who badgers her incessantly about a dinner date, with a sexual harassment lawsuit faster than you can “The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.”

3. “The Gatekeeper” won’t have unprotected sex with “The Keymaster.”

4. Ghostbusters Inc. will be a woman-owned business.

4. Because gender doesn’t matter for this story.  It’s not a movie about men or women.  It’s a movie about ghosts. So please don’t call it a “chick flick.”

5. The girls get the more awesome visual effects.

6. Some of the dude critics are afraid their childhood dreams and memories will be crushed. GB3 will show today’s girls what they can reach for — whether it’s being a ghostbuster themselves or the next wave of Hollywood producers!

7. Maybe they’ll write in a cameo appearance for the new She-Thor.

8. It’s no gimmick to showing our girls strong — and funny — female characters. Am I right Tina and Amy?

9. Because there will be a geeky woman scientist and geeky women scientists are inspiring, fabulous and hot.

10. Because Ghostbusters in any iteration is awesome!

 Image via Paul Feig Twitter account


    The woman who wrote this article does not know enough out about the Ghostbusters to form an accurate opinion. She thinks Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver’s character she doesn’t even know the character’s name) works for Dr. Venkman. That alone tell’s me the writer of this article doesn’t give a damn about the Ghostbuster’s movies, cartoon’s, comic’s, or video games.

  • Delakando

    Whoever wrote this article must be a fucking idiot.

  • AlphaBeta

    No, no we don’t need it. Point by Point
    1. Yes, they are also great in the bed and kitchen.
    2. No Weaver in this one tho.
    3. Only people not having sex think it is evil. It can actually be nice. Just look at Dan’s face.
    4. This is not a reason, it is a statement. A reason is the cause of something to be. GB inc. being in female hands is not a cause to anything, it is the end result.
    4.(4.1.?) You cannot count to five without making a mistake. You just disqualified yourself from the kitchen. Only the bed left. I hope for you that you are pretty. But then you wouldn’t be a feminst…tough luck.
    Also – people don’t call it “chick-flick” because it matters for the story. They call it that because it was made by chicks for chicks and consists out of chicks.
    5. Because more fake CGI stuff is all we crave….not.
    6. The one and only valuable lesson it will teach them is that money earned by having a vagina includes a lot of being fucked really hard. Which the internet is in the progress to do with this movie.
    7. Maybe – if we are lucky – it will be when she is deep-throating Hulk’s dick in an R-Rated scene, his balls hitting her chin, while we see her whole figure bulging from his massive, throbbing meat-rod.
    8. They are not funny though. Puke jokes and slap jokes are Scary Movie level of humor and it stopped being funny a couple of years ago.

    9. They are all but hot. 2 fatties, 1 ugly duckling from 50 shades, only like 20 years older and one who tries so hard to be deadpool, he probably will come over and decapitate her.
    10. Except the feminazi one.

  • papadapupi

    nobody likes feminazi poison even when it’s delivered in humble 10 points of garbage arguments

  • edward fincher

    “There is such a dearth of originality in Hollywood, that I cringe whenever I hear that someone is going to take an old idea, that was fabulous the first time around, and update it or, sometimes just copy it, to make a quick buck with moviegoers.” Yet as long as you can opputunistically use it to further a cause then you’re totes mgotes fine with it.

    Your ‘source’ was to an aggressive, childish article written by someone who didn’t want to be credited, here is a quote from it “WHEN I TELL YOU I THINK YOUR TITS LOOK NICE, IT’S A COMPLIMENT, YOU CUNT!” I think the article is trying to be satirical, but it works as satire about as well as a late-era family guy episode.

    Also, Joanne, where is your actual ten reasons we need a female ghostbusters. YOU were the one who started the article by saying the film is superfluous and a cash-grab, and then you can only come up with a joke list of why it should exist. You completely ruin your whole argument

    “Because gender doesn’t matter for this story. It’s not a movie about men or women. It’s a movie about ghosts. So please don’t call it a “chick flick.”” If only you actually felt that way. 8 out of 10 on your list were SOLELY about WOMEN and the fact that it was FEMALE lead. If gender didn’t matter to you, 8! out of 10 of your “reasons for it to exist” would be specifically about gender. You didn’t even mention the people involved in the making of the film in your list. Seems pretty sloppy.

  • Ovartist

    No, we dont.
    Fuck off kike and take your dykes with you.

    • Sierra Jones

      YOU fuck off Trump loving backward ass woman hating hillbilly.

      • Ovartist

        You sound upset. Trump is the first step rooting out the degeneracy.

        • Sierra Jones

          Haha, see? That’s how you sound in your post; unnecessarily angry and insulting.

          Trump IS a degenerate. How you trumpeters can’t see him for what he is is frightening… Serious question: do not have a problem with his respect for people like Putin and Kim Jong-un? He calls them “good leaders”.

          • ash

            Trump is a upstanding man compared to any faggot degenerate democrat.

          • Sierra Jones

            oh you are exactly the typical Trump supporter…ignorant af.

          • ash

            WhooooWhooooo. Ignorant. How original there.

      • JakZ23

        I hate Trump, but I really hated the movie, I watch 10 min and totally disliked. It would be better just a few stupid child version of the original movie. And not just masculine ladies playing rambo. O by the way new Rambo its coming with a female actress. Now I will not watch movies anymore.

  • Sierra Jones

    So many angry small-penised males on here.

  • OutlawJoseyWales

    Well, a year later and just after said remake is opening to empty theaters and the toys appeared in the discount bin BEFORE opening night tells us the movie is a horrible pile of hot garbage….so I suppose it turns out that Ghostbusters IS NOT, in fact, awesome in any iteration.

  • ash

    I luv these dumb silly “10 reason you love this” articles.

  • Annon

    Looks like the public has spoken with their wallets. This just in ghostbusters flops at the box office! I guess all those male sci-fi ghostbusters fans didn’t like the idea of feminist agenda being pushed on their childhood characters. Too bad for Sony when they lose money on this, they should have seen it coming especially after fantastic four as an example… I hope this makes companies stay closer to the source material from now on.

  • Annon

    Other examples include flash not being a red head in upcoming justice league, aquaman not being a blond with pale skin, Nick fury being black, kingpin being black in original daredevil movie, spiderman not developing Web shooters in original trilogy, bane not taking venom to grow larger and not being of Latin descent, the ancient one not being asian in upcoming Dr. Strange movie, galactus being a cloud creature in original fantastic four, the fantastic four sue and johny storm not being blood relatives and johny being black in most recent flop, superman killing zod, batman killing with guns, and on and on…

    The fans deserve more! The fans deserve the story to reflect the source material accurately and not try to be pc. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE EXECUTIVES IF YOU GO TOO FAR WE WILL NOT SUPPORT YOU WITH OUR MONEY PERIOD, CASE CLOSED, THAT SIMPLE!

  • JakZ23

    The article was totally made by a feminist who thinks God father its actually a mother. We all growth with male Ghostbusters, tv series, cartoons and more. For me this is a chick-flik with a LGBT production. In that case man will remaster “Orange is the new black” with guys only. You like that? With masculine females everything changes here. I scored the movie with 10 of 10,000,000. They need to fix it. It’s not rocket science.

  • Jutta Gyllichsen

    “hot geek women” have been a trope thing for past 20 years, sorry.
    What about FEMALE fans of original who hate the new one and feel violated?
    visual effects are lousy compared to the 1984 version…
    It’s a failed chickflick….

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