6 Things You Need To Know Right Now: They’ve Got A Lot Of Balls

file4051235567641You don’t need to look very far – including on this site – for reactions to the reactions to the guilty verdict in the Steubenville rape trial. People were, shall we say, caught off guard by some journalists’ expressions of apparent sympathy for the two convicted rapists. But while we were all busy being flabbergasted, the news kept on being made.

Here is some of what you might have missed as you researched whether CNN stands for Cult of Nincompoops and Ninnies:

1. March Madness Has Begun. This is the month where we celebrate what higher education is all about: basketball. Schools from around the country compete in do-or-die match-ups with huge implications for recruiting prospects, advertising dollars and illegal gambling. If you don’t feel like doing anything you have to do between now and April 8, go ahead and don’t do it. No one will notice. They’re going to be concentrating on important things, like espn.com.

2. Hillary Clinton Officially Endorsed Gay Marriage. Back in 2008, when she was running for President, Ms. Clinton said she supported gay civil unions, but wouldn’t endorse gay marriage. Since then, her husband (this guy named The Former President) and daughter expressed their support of gay marriage. Because she didn’t want another Easter to be awkward, Ms. Clinton is toeing the family line. Some in the biz say this is surely a sign Ms. Clinton is gearing up for another run at the presidency. Others say this is surely a sign she’s saying what she actually thinks.

3. Congress Approves Congress. Well, kumbaya. In a sign that our elected officials really do just want to get along, Congress agreed on a bill that would keep Congress running through September 30th, the end of the fiscal year. Yes, the sequester cuts remain, but the point is, the House and Senate found ways to funnel money to their “favored” programs. The government is still open for business, facilitating one self-interested, back-scratching deal after another. Before you start humming the Star-Spangled Banner, keep in mind that Republicans bought into this strategy because they’ve decided to only postpone Armageddon. The show-down that was the fiscal cliff is being punted to the show-down that will be approving a balanced budget later this year. And in just a few months, Congress will be asked to raise the federal debt ceiling. Consider this the calm before the storm.

4. Tiger’s Prowling. Tiger Woods and his longtime “friend,” skier Lindsey Vonn, made their relationship official. The announcement they are dating went down the way all things romantic go down: they posted it on Facebook. The posting was supplemented with photos of the happy couple, each sporting attire from their sponsors, of course.

5. Obama Talks Israeli Peace. On Thursday, President Obama did what he does best: he talked. During a speech in Jerusalem – part of his first Presidential trip to Israel – he encouraged the audience that now is the time for peace with Palestine. As part of that outreach, President Obama suggested that Israel needs to recognize Palestine’s “right to self-determination.” Going around the political leadership and appealing directly to the electorate, he urged that any such process needs to be initiated by the Israeli people. In particular, President Obama singled out the country’s young people, given the hardened views of their elders. Elders like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has rejected calls for a Palestinian state. And who also happens to be President Obama’s host. I’m putting money on a short-sheeted bed.

6. NASA Acknowledges Catastrophic Asteroids, Shrugs. Speaking of government dollars at work, during testimony before the House Science Committee, NASA’s Chief endorsed the following scientific approach: prayer. The House had convened the hearing in light of the asteroid that exploded last month over Russia. The good news is that NASA is tracking about 95 per cent of asteroids that are larger than .62 miles in diameter. The bad news is that only 10 per cent of asteroids with a diameter of about 165 feet –known, adorably, as “city killers” – have been found in the solar system. The horrific news is that even if NASA identifies the asteroid as it hurtles toward Earth, no one has figured out how to divert its path. Other than, apparently, prayer. Which works for rappers and professional athletes, so maybe it’s not as bad an approach as it appears at first blush.

This week’s “6 Things” post was written by Abby Diaz, a mother, wife and lawyer who shares her opinions and her sarcasm while blogging about current events at What’s Left Over. Hailed by readers as “hilarious,” “insightful” and “related to me,” she is sure to cover a subject that resonates with you. Assuming you care about things like life, entertainment, and/or family. If reading full paragraphs is too much for you, enjoy Abby over at Facebook or Twitter.

Photo Credit: MorgueFile

  • Catastrophic asteroids? Least of our problems.

    Great job by the way.

    • Abby Diaz

      Thanks so much, Bernadine!

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