6 Things You Need to Know Right Now: Unwed & Out of a Job, Don’t Say Gay, and a Bonus Video

DCF 1.0This week has been a busy news story week yet again. We had a lot of Marissa Mayer posts continuing to dominate the commentary all around the internet, including here on The Broad Side.

We also have some stories that didn’t hit front page news, even though Rand Paul speaking for nearly thirteen hours led the headlines.

This week our six include a tale of employer sexism, the war on gay citizens across the country, and the threat of nuclear attack from North Korea. I thought Dennis Rodman was supposed to fix that situation?

1. North Korea Threatens Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike Against the US – Foreign policy isn’t my thing but this is a news story we all should continue to pay attention to. After sanctions U.N. diplomats voted on leveling new sanctions against Pyongyang for its recent nuclear testing, North Korea basically said they are going to blow up Washington D.C. Yeah, about that. Pretty scary, and this impacts us all!

2. Reports of Sexual Assault Should be “Vetted” before Reported? – As if the victims of sexual assault in our country aren’t victimized enough already, let’s just add some fuel to the fire and “vet” their claims before reporting them to law enforcement, right? Wrong! The President of Occidental College apparently thinks the process to involve law enforcement in cases of sexual assault should be changed. Sad, sad man!

3. Surrogate Offered $10,000 to Abort Baby – Crystal Kelley made the decision to become a gestational surrogate for a couple she had met. But midway through the pregnancy when the biological parents discovered a number of problems with the child she was carrying, the couple decided they would like the pregnancy ended. Even offering Kelley $10,000 to end the pregnancy. What she did instead will certainly make you think!

4. Tennessee GOP’s ‘Don’t Say Gay” Bill Opposed by the Majority of Tennessee Voters – Not shocking, but it is certainly something everyone should be watching. Maybe America is finally coming to terms that gay citizens are also human and deserve to be treated as such?

5. Researchers: Toddler Cured of HIV – This is a big deal. A very big deal. The fact that we are making such hurdles gives me hope. This news story made the rounds all week, with such hope. Next step, curing adults and eliminating HIV and Aids worldwide!

6. College Fires Unmarried Pregnant Woman, Kindly Offers her Fiance a Job – What?! A California college terminated the employment of Teri James after discovering she was pregnant. Sadly she had signed a pre-employment agreement saying she would abstain from “immoral sexual behavior” which apparently included premarital sex.

And your bonus video for a laugh!

Photo Credit: Morguefile

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