A Business Trip is a Business Trip: Or How a Major Newspaper Missed the Real Story

MomTrip042413Wall Street Journal!! You are killin’ me!

The “Mommy Business Trip?” Really? Since when did business trips start to be defined by our parental status, because I am pretty damn sure I have never heard of the “Daddy Business Trip.”

Let us take a walk down memory lane to 2010 when I went on my first business trip to a little conference we all know as BlogHer. It was based in New York City that year, about a 75-ish minute train ride from my house. Between the ticket, splitting a hotel room and a couple corporate sponsors I was able to attend with no money out of my pocket. Which was the only way I was going to attend, since I was still a budding blogger with not much of a name.

But that trip changed a lot. For me, it launched my blogging into a career. I went from blogging as a hobby because I enjoyed it, to actually blogging for work. Being paid for my posts, my content, my ideas. Which was a huge deal for me.  I loved what I did (and still do) but to get paid for something I love really rocked. Looking back on it now, it was the best move I could have made.

In the months and years following I attended a couple more conferences, another BlogHer, SheStreams, and continued to learn which is exactly why I went to these conferences. Not to socialize or network (which are both great, but they aren’t going to pay the bills in most cases) but to learn all I could in the short period of time that I had these amazing pioneers teaching their tricks and tips. Which paid off big time.

Now here we are almost three full years (minus a hand full of months) from my first conference and I have been able to turn my favorite hobby yet into a job.

But, when I go on a business trip to a conference… to me it is a business trip. Simply that. It is not a “Mommy Business Trip” or a “Mommy Vacation” it is work. Just like when men hit a plane and jet set across the country, or world for whatever their career brings them. But we have yet to hear someone call it a “Daddy Business Trip” or even take the fact that they are a father into consideration when it comes to their careers.

So why are we continuing to treat women like this in the year 2013?

Because most are still viewing “Mommy Bloggers” as some kind of Girls Gone Wild at these functions. Of course there are some who take the freedom a little too far. Believe me, I actually ran into a married “Mommy Blogger” trying to molest a poor young male company rep in an elevator at the last BlogHer I went to. It was disturbing.


But that is beyond the post altogether.

If this was Marissa Mayer, or Sheryl Sandberg traveling for work, their trip would never be dubbed as being on a  “Mommy Business Trip“; it would simply be called a business trip. No need to be defined by the status of how many children their uterus has produced or the number of children they’ve adopted. So why are any other women being treated differently?

The fact is, the Wall Street Journal completely bombed the piece they were attempting to use as a spring board for positive feedback in the Mother-Blogging community.  (By the way, I HATE the term “Mommy Blogger.” Hate HATE HATE!)

I kind of feel bad for Katherine Stone since she was the centerpiece of the post itself. She has done amazing things with BlogHer and her site PostPartum Progress over the years, and honestly… all of those women are gurus in the blogging field. I just feel bad that the author butchered the opportunity to shed light on the real story — the ever-growing numbers of women online who are creating their own business opportunities and becoming major social influencers.

Post originally from DanielleElwood.com

Photo Credit: Wall Street Journal

  • Danielle, I wonder what my Empty Nest status and motherless self is: a Crone Blogger? I thought this story was absolutely freaking ridiculous. I read it and it made me mad, so mad that I just couldn’t work up what I wanted to say. You said it perfectly. Pooh on the WSJ.

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