A Hillary Smear in the Making Brought to Us By MSNBC: TRANSCRIPTS!

24414814619_ff75538970_zA biased media creates narratives to sway elections and choose our candidates.

MSNBC chief political correspondent Andrea Mitchell doubts the voters can understand the issues that affect their lives. Recently in New Hampshire, in the lead up to the primary there, she asked former President Bill Clinton this question:

“Do you think the voters will understand the issues?”

Mitchell’s question shows her classism. Is she implying that she understands the issues but we don’t?

Then, at the New Hampshire Democratic debate MNSBC’s Chuck Todd asked an odd question after Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders threw down over Clinton’s paid speeches on Wall Street:

“Are you willing to release the transcripts of all your paid speeches?”

Do you think Chuck really wants transcripts? No. Other politicians give paid speeches and there has been no call for such thing. He is building a biased narrative that will be fully formed right after the debate and will be used to dog Hillary through the primary. It will be an MSNBC narrative for their official commentary which fills 85% of their air time. Immediately after the debate, which was teeming with actual issues, the anchors sat around to chew the fat. Something else happened, too. The transcript narrative Chuck Todd began was finalized by Andrea Mitchell.

As Mitchell discussed this new “issue” of obtaining Hillary’s speech transcripts, she acted as if this has been an ongoing narrative:

“But just to settle it, to reassure the public that they are being brought inside these secret board rooms and they know what’s going on.”

Settle it? Is there a controversy here? Reassure us?

I don’t need to be comforted by MSNBC anchors, because I want transcripts, too.

I want MSNBC’s transcripts from their board meetings where they discuss what type of commentary they are going to generate.

I want to hear what types of narratives they are developing and how they execute these narratives. I want to see how much money they get paid for creating these non-issue narratives.

Why? Because these biased narratives created by news anchors effect our elections.

Important issues were discussed in the Democratic debate, but those are issues that neither Andrea Mitchell not her counterparts understand because they would rather discuss these “transcripts” than something more substantive, such as the impact that financial derivatives have on the economy.

That’s right – Hillary Clinton wants to talk about derivatives.

In the debate, Hillary pounced on Bernie for voting to “deregulate [financial] swaps and derivatives in 2000”, which, as we know now, were the chief culprits of our economic meltdown in 2008. (Have you seen or read The Big Short?).

So instead of putting the idea into the heads of voters that it’s fair game to dissect the speeches given by a private citizen (yes, Hillary was a private citizen at the time she gave those Wall Street talks), let’s discuss Bernie’s intentions with that controversial and dangerous vote. And then after that, let’s look at the men behind the derivatives.

Interestingly, it was Alan Greenspan, prior to the 2008 economic crash, who loved derivatives even though many were telling him they were dangerous.

Did he make money from derivatives? Lets get the transcripts and see. Will Andrea Mitchell, Greenspan’s wife, get these transcripts as we have a right to know. After all, we all paid for the economic crash.

Mitchell had more time to fill in the post-debate chat so she finished the foundation of her transcript narrative:

“It’s hard for the average working person to believe that someone can make that much money from a speech and that there is nothing given in return, not get something in return.”

Yes, she is right. All of us “hard-working Americans” are clearly different from Mitchell, as we need to know what is given in return for derivatives by the man whose decisions led to the 2008 economic crash.

The other news networks will undoubtedly pick up this MSNBC created narrative and build it into frenzy that implies Hillary is hiding something. As usual, the people of the United States will have to pick through the distractions to get to the real issues. Sources tell me that even NPR picked up the biased ball of distraction and discussed getting transcripts of her speeches this morning.

Let’s get those transcripts. But let’s start with the inner meetings of Alan Greenspan in the run up to our economic collapse in 2008, as well as the transcripts that show how MSNBC makes its “news” decisions.

Jennifer Hall Lee is a filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles. She has spent many years working on Hollywood films,  in visual effects, and used her free time (when she had it!) making her own films. Her latest film, “Feminist: Stories from Women’s Liberation” is being distributed nationally and she has public screenings scheduled through 2016. Jennifer was named Global Ambassador for the Global Media Monitoring Project. To schedule an interview with Jennifer or book her as a speaker, she can be reached at jennifer@feministstories.com. Jennifer is also a contributor to the new Amazon bestseller, Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox.

Image via Flickr/DonkeyHotey/CC License

  • SophieCT

    Excellent piece!

  • Fred Garred


  • Jim

    What a beautiful woman Andrea Mitchell is. Would love to see some videos of her and Alan Greenspan.

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