A Princess For Britain! What Does This Mean for Succession?

Camilla_and_Kate_croppedIf the international rumors are true today, the first family of Britain is expecting a girl, and I am over the moon about it.

I know, it really doesn’t impact me personally, but this is a huge step forward for a change in the monarchy.

In a public slip up, Catherine accepted a teddy bear from a small child, and in thanking her, said she will give it to her daugh … baby. Ooops!

While Queen Elizabeth II has been ruling England for 60 years, the focus for the royals has always fallen heavily on male heirs. Just look back to Henry VIII and his lack of male heir for succession. Six marriages, breaking away from the Catholic church, and repeated failure at providing a male heir for the royal family. Only to land Queen Elizabeth I onto the throne.

But enough about history, and men.

Today, I am ecstatic for the people of England, because this little girl will be the first female heir to be given the throne, no matter how many annoying little brothers she may end up with.

The fact is, England is only steps away from passing the Succession to the Crown bill, which would mean that royal males born after October 28, 2011 would not precede their elder sisters in the line of succession.

Will and Kate’s little girl would be the first in England’s history to be in line for the throne, without having to worry about any other male family members waltzing along and stealing the power, right from under her nose. It is a truly turning point for the monarchy, and a turning point for women all over the world.

Of course England has had a strong female ruling with an iron first for the past six decades, but that is because Elizabeth had no male siblings. The 21st century brings us a whole new chapter for the royal family. An encouraging day for women? That’s up for debate. But who doesn’t love a new baby girl?

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  • Dianne

    Actually, Kate won’t be a princess until Charles becomes king. Her official title is Catherine, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge (not Dutchess as you have in the tags). I’m sorry to point this out, but I was born in the UK, and mistakes like this really bother me. Please consider fixing this on all of your blog posts?

    Having said that, if they are indeed having a daughter, I think that would be wonderful!

    • I thought (now correct me if I am wrong) that the daughter of Catherine, and Prince William would be considered a Princess. I wasn’t under the impression that Catherine would ever be considered a Princess at all.

    • Dianne, well, of course, that is technically true. But pretty much all news outlet have referred to her as both.

  • Dianne

    @Danielle, thank you for removing the word Princess that appeared before Catherine’s name in the third paragraph. Of course their daughter will be a princess. Your reply to me is pretty disingenuous, considering you also have the Princess Kate tag above, as well as on your own web site and your Twitter hash tag.

    @Joanne – while some do, I don’t think pretty much every news outlet refers to her as Princess Kate – only those that don’t care enough to get it right. Sorry don’t mean to get bitchy but this REALLY bothers me.

    (PS – it’s throne and not thrown)

    • @Dianne – I use those tags, because when many people will be searching for stories on Catherine today in the wake of the gender slip up, they will be using the term “Princess Kate” to search. Simple SEO management. I am sorry you are looking more into it than others.

  • Dianne

    Fair enough explanation! Thank you.

  • The only place I’d stop for an article on the royals is The Broad Side. 🙂

  • I am also excited about it possibly being a girl. Will be interesting to watch from a media standpoint — all the press will go Monkey-Crap no matter what.

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