An Open Letter to Congress

Dear Congress,

I know you’re getting close to your year end break, but I thought I’d send along some reading material for you to consider while you’re at your vacation homes, on your hunting trips, or whatever it is that you all do when you have time off.

Of course you don’t know me. Not me personally, anyway. You do know women like me though. Thousands of them in fact. We’re the women who work full-time to take care of our homes and families. It’s a big job; raising productive members of society, cooking healthful meals, supervising that homework gets done, tackling mountains of laundry – but we manage (some of us better than others).

Anyway, I’m not writing to complain, or even to ask for time off (which would be fantastic). The reason for my letter is to ask that you change the structure of our country’s work day to match that of the country’s school day. And while you’re at it – why not change the structure of the country’s essential support services to complement the New and Improved work day? In case you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, let me explain.

Now for the majority of the working public, the work day is generally 9:00am to 5:00pm. Of course that can vary a bit, but let’s work with that premise. For elementary and high school students, the school day is from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Of course that varies a bit too (why?), but humor me for a moment. And so, if children are “the future” and our “biggest priority,” and are not to be “left behind” then why on earth doesn’t the work day begin and end at a time that would allow us to drop off and pick up our children from school? It doesn’t make any sense. Instead, we’re left to find after-school programs, arrange for babysitters or have our children become latch-key kids.

OK, et’s change gears for a second. Do remember the days when you had a regular old job? What happened when your pipes burst at home or you had to take your car in to be serviced? You probably had to work to stay home and meet the plumber, or make your appointment at the auto service center. Why? Because those businesses close at 5pm!! Just like your office used to.  Wouldn’t it have been convenient if those companies were open say, from 12:00pm – 8:00pm so that you could put in a full day’s work and still take care of your household needs?

You guys and gals are smart. You may even have siblings or adult children struggling with these very issues. Sure, passing legislation changing the work day would ruffle some feathers, but hey, so did passing the recent health care bill. I guarantee that the American people would be in much better health if they weren’t stressing about missing out on their kids’ lives or losing pay to wait for the cable guy. So actually, my proposal is a win-win.

Enjoy your recess.

Very Truly Yours,

Justice Fergie

Stacey Ferguson, known online as “Justice Fergie,” is a technology attorney, veteran lifestyle blogger, and co-founder of the celebrated Be Blogalicious community and yearly conferences for multicultural women social media enthusiasts. Named as one the 2011 People of Color Impacting the Social Web, Stacey is regularly featured in both online and offline media for her roles as a personal brand and digital visionary. In addition to blogging at Life IS the Party, her personal blog, about food, style, family, and success, she also is a contributing editor for Babble’s MomCrunch, the Yahoo! Shine Motherboard and The DC Moms. Find her online at
Image by Joanne Bamberger.  All rights reserved

  • Did you miss the part about the full-time wife at home to take care of all those little details? Are you living in the 21st century or something?

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