You know what? Many, many of the sites that promote themselves as “women’s sites” are actually owned and operated my men! Yes, it’s true! Odds are some of your favorite sites for “women’s” content are being run by a bunch of dudes who believe they know best about what women want to read!

Our mission here at The Broad Side is to change that! We are a woman-owned, woman-run site of essays, commentary, original reported pieces and humor written (almost exclusively) by women! The women running and building TBS are award-winning essayists, journalists and writers who believe it’s way past time for women to be running the sites we love to read!

If you’d like to be a part and contribute content, we are looking for thoughtful, provocative personal essays and opinion commentary pieces that help explain the most important topics in our modern, crazy, complicated, wonderful lives. We want to create a space where wide range of writers from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, including those who have never before been published, can share insights and new ways of looking at the things we think about every day.

If you’ve got an idea for a great personal essay, take a look at what we’ve been publishing at The Broad Side, then send us an e-mail explaining the topic you’re interested in writing about that includes why you think your personal experience makes you the right person for that essay! Our team will consider all pitches and let you know if it’s a good fit for us!

Our site has grown in readership over 100% since 2014, and we are still growing! And with that amazing growth and support from our regular readers, we are working on a plan to pay contributors –something we haven’t been able to do yet, but will be doing in the coming months.

For established media outlets, syndication rights are available. Please contact Joanne Bamberger for more information.

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