Don’t Look At Donald Trump’s Facebook Page Before Going To Sleep


Over five and a half million followers on Donald Trump’s Facebook page? Believe it or not, people are eating Trump’s rhetoric on his social media page like kids chomping on  PopTarts.

It’s late.

I’m listening to Ron Sexsmith, watching Seth Meyers interview some actor and hopping all over the internet. Then, I realize it’s been a minute – okay, a week or so – since I looked at Donald J. Trump’s Facebook page. You can thank me now for reading it so you don’t have to do so. But you really should look at it, because it gives a snapshot view of America in 2016.

First, he has 5,881,321 people who “like” his page. That’s in contrast to Bernie Sanders’ 2.9 million followers, Hillary Clinton’s 2.5 million, Ted Cruz’s 1.9 million and Marco Rubio’s 1.3 million. Let that soak in for a minute. Sure, like yard signs, “likes” don’t vote but Trump not only leads in delegates in the Republican primary, he leads in Facebook followers. Granted, many of these may be fans from his reality television days as his page was in existence before he decided to run for president, but still followers are followers. And they can virally spread his message on a daily basis.

One high post takes a jab at 2012 Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. That’s because Romney questioned Trump’s wealth and tax returns on Wednesday. Trump’s status: “I’m going to do what Mitt Romney was totally unable to do – WIN!”

People eat Trump’s rhetoric like kids chomping Pop Tarts. “For all you democrat People get used to it Trump wil win the election, its Trump time,” one writes.

Grammar, or the lack of it, is a common theme on Trump’s page. But really, why worry about such a silly thing?

In an earlier post at the start of the Trump-Romney brouhaha, the billionaire Trump wrote: “When Mitt Romney asked me for my endorsement last time around, he was so awkward and goofy that we all should have known he could not win! He totally blew an election that should have been won and whose tax returns made him look like a fool, is now playing tough guy!”

Typical Trump. By the way, 33,000 people “like” that comment.

The comments aren’t all pro-Trump. Many are against him. Then a lot of them seem to be in an unknown language as if commenters were speaking in code or tongues. Example: I see another “Establishment” mannequin has been brought out of the “Darkness Of Irrelevance” to take a swipe at Donald Trump. This time it is none other than Casper Milquetoast himself, aka Mitt Romney, proclaiming that Trump is hiding something evil in his tax returns.”

I could have stopped there, but another post forced me to slide right down the Trump rabbit hole: “A Trump presidency won’t only wipe out political correctness in America; it’ll wipe it off the face of the earth.”

Here’s a sampling of comments:

  • “The silent majority including me, my family and circle of friends are mad of Obama for turning this country into welfare, unchristian and Muslim state. We are going to vote for Trump to make sure to take this country back to us American people and make this Country Great Again. Can’t wait to see and enjoy America, the Greatest Country of the world.”
  • “It gave me a boner to read that the world won’t use political correctness anymore.”
  • “Non-Christians, homosexuals, illegals, liberals…you can all get out of MY country! That goes for Muslims, too. Trump 2016!”

“Stop”, the rational side of me yelled. But the nosey reporter-political geek couldn’t get enough of these Trumpeters.

I decided to see what I may have missed on the Trump page in 2015. Oh, a video of President Barack Obama holding his final press conference of 2015 with this comment by Trump: “We need a real President!”

Again, the comments show that a lot of Trump supporters buy into the Birther movement. Not exactly earth shattering but certainly disturbing when you read the comments: “Can’t wait until Donald Trump becomes President!! Lets get a real American in the white house. And get rid of that muslim nigerian!”

And this one: “Donald Trump and Putin working together to take down the new world order! Vote for Donald Trump for president to put a stop to the bs!”

By the way, that video got nearly 17,000 shares.

Granted, there is some anti-Trump sentiment on his Facebook page but not much. Those who comment – and some of them are friends of mine on social media – are captivated by the Trump movement.

That’s what it is or as Trump notes on the “About” section of his page, his affiliation is “The Trump Organization,” which is the name of his development company. No other politician even has an affiliation on their pages. Then again, no other politician – not Cruz, Rubio, Clinton or Sanders – is remotely even like Trump.

I stop listening to music, and I just read and read and read into the wee hours until my eyes were nearly bleeding from so many comments from #TrumpNation or the #TrumpTrain or pick a trendy Trump hashtag.

My ultimate conclusion? Don’t think Trump is a passing trend that will fade away before November or that his presidential reality show will get cancelled by Rubio or Cruz steamrolling into the GOP nomination. Far from it. This is a man with a real grassroots power behind him. And it’s very likely that he could not only be the Republican nominee but president. Yes, president.

I’ll leave you with this comment from one of his supporters: “He’s crass and barbaric. I’m not sure I care for his Manhattan swagger. He’s exactly what America needs. Trump 2016. Love him. I’m a veteran, an evangelical, a former Teamster and UAW member. I am not politically correct, and I’m voting Trump.”

Nightmares straight ahead for me – and possibly the country.

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