Don’t Mess With Texas Senate Committees

Another_view_of_the_Texas_State_Senate_IMG_6320It’s no secret that the State of Texas has been in the headlines as women have been protesting and some politicians have been filibustering what conservative lawmakers are trying to do to the state’s laws on abortion and reproductive rights.

Last week, Wendy Davis was all over the news, donning her “rouge red” running shoes to help give her feet support for her 13-hour filibuster that kept Texas SB-5 from becoming law — at least for a little while.

But some in the Lone Star State don’t like upstarts and rabble-rousers. Texan Sarah Slamen found that out the hard way, as she tried to testify before the Texas Senate on why she opposed passage of the draconian bill and raised questions about the committee members qualifications as experts on women’s health:

Is this what you would expect from your elected representatives if you disagreed with them? Nice touch with having sheriff’s physically remove her from the chamber, don’t you think?

Stay classy, Texas.

Image via Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons License/Billy Hathorn

  • Marti Teitelbaum

    unbelievable. She didn’t use swear words and she certainly has a right to criticize her legislators. Bravo Sarah Slamen! When you arrive in New York, you’ll find lots of support for your efforts.

  • Beverly Uhlmer

    Your use of the word “draconian” to describe the bill is over the top. Do you even know what the bill said? It is to prevent Gosnell type clinics from operating like the back-alley abortionists of years past. I watched online as the hearings proceeded and was in contact with others who were there in person. Many of the opposition were rude, loud and smelly, making it hard to breathe in the tightly packed hearing room. No one is allowed to contravene the rules, conservative or liberal, without being called to account. In Texas we operate decently and in good order. No one yells, calls others rude names or riots. This is what was happening during these hearings.

    • I know exactly what is in that bill — pulling funding for all kinds of women’s health services, closing down centers that do not even have the remotest connection with anything like Gosnell, and this particular woman was trying to talk when the Senator just didn’t like what she was saying. She was not rude and only became loud when the Senator tried to shout her down. Since I don’t have smell-a-vision, I can’t speak to that, but Sarah looked well-groomed. This young woman was neither treated politely or decently.

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