Dove Commercial on Women’s Beauty: Can it Help Our Daughters’ Body Image Issues?


How do you see yourself? Is it the same way others see you? Odds are, it’s not. And that’s a very sad statement about women’s self-awareness.

Now Dove, the company that brings you soaps and lotions, and has also been waging campaigns for years to shake up how the “beauty” industry portrays women, has released a new ad to prove just how skewed our mental self-images are.

But the thing that grabbed my attention with this ad was that Dove also chose to share the women’s reactions to the portraits of themselves and the “aha” moments when they realized they were truly much more beautiful to others than to themselves.

As the mother of a 13-year-old girl, who is already asking questions about her thighs and commenting on whether she should be having dessert, I’ll be sharing this with her. What might happen if every parent made their tween and teen daughters watch this?  Or if we could convince schools to share something like this? Our daughter has already had lots of school lessons about being a savvy media consumer. But somehow those messages of asking questions about what’s being “sold” in a commercial or a TV show often don’t make it into our girls’ brains when it’s about their looks and their body images.

I know my seventh-grader will protest, but she’s going to be spending a few minutes with this video when she gets home from school. Maybe this could be the start of a fresher kind of “lean in” movement?

Who will you be sharing this with?

Image via AdWeek

  • Jean(valley wildcat fan)

    Stop dwelling on beauty so much. We need to stop making women feel that they are not valid unless they have this hard to get beauty, because, this will eventually lead to women competing against each other, again and again.

    Put men in beauty commercials too, so that they can compete for female attention the way beauty products cause our girls to think they need to compete for a man.

    It is demeaning and not fair. Stop it now. Women unite and support each other.

  • Yes many women struggle with self acceptance and body issues that are really their own fun house mirrors reflected back at themselves. But as Jean says, the real point/’lesson’ to anyone looking at these commercials – beauty is fleeting, subjective and ultimately SO UNIMPORTANT. Women are not REQUIRED to be beautiful so let’s say we just cut them some slack and stop focusing on whether they are, or not. It’s not for us to decide.

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