Even if She Doesn’t Run, Elizabeth Warren May Doom Hillary Clinton

Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren Democratic leadership, Warren vs Clinton 2016Even if Elizabeth Warren isn’t on any ballot for the 2016 presidential race, she may still be what leads to the demise of a second Hillary Clinton presidential run. Why?  Because of President Obama.

Those who really lean left thought Barack Obama was going to be a true progressive Democratic candidate who would champion the issues they wanted to see get more attention. Except many of those supporters listened only to candidate Obama’s campaign rhetoric and paid little attention to his real record and history.  Had they taken a few moments, they would have seen that he was, in reality, not so not politically different from Hillary Clinton. What candidate Obama had was a charisma and a skill at oratory that wowed voters — the ones who were wowed by those same skills in Bill Clinton, but not in Hillary. In the end, there has been a good deal of voter remorse, Democrats feeling that President Obama hasn’t lived up to candidate Obama’s promises or voter expectations.

So without Obama on the ticket and Warren claiming she’s not running, loyal Dems who don’t want a Republican in the White House are sure to side with HRC, right? Think again.

A movement has been growing that is many months old of Democrats who want Warren to be the 2016 nominee, even if she says she’s not running. But if, as she claims, Warren has no desire to be on the ticket, those Warren supporters may well be the factor that ends up allowing a Republican to move into the White House 2017  — a third Bush perhaps? — because they still won’t bring themselves to vote for HRC and might vote against their own political self-interest to spite Hillary.

In 2008, when it came down to a choice between Obama and Clinton, the Obama fans turned hateful against HRC supporters.  In political communities both large and small, things turned ugly and it’s likely to be the same story again in 2016 for the anti-Hillary Democrats.  The backbiting and harping against Clinton and her supporters was vicious, and I’m starting to think it will be that way again with Obama supporters who are frantic for Warren and an ABH — anyone but Hillary — ticket.

Warren has been given a newly created role to be part of the Senate Democratic leadership as strategic policy adviser to the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee. Her supporters will surely see this as a sign of her upward mobility in the party leadership. And she’s also been tasked with being a liaison to progressive groups as the party moves toward 2016.  So in reality, Warren has been given the job to calm the so-called liberal wing of the Democratic party so they don’t sabotage HRC. But the big questions remains — will it, can it, work?

As much as there is a drumbeat for HRC 2016, Democrats need to beware the equivocators in their own party who are likely to pass on voting at all in the next presidential election rather than be asked to vote for another Clinton.

Maybe Hillary needs to revert to her family name of Rodham to prove she can be a candidate in her ow right?

Joanne Bamberger is an independent journalist and journalism entrepreneur who is also the author of the book Mothers of Intention: How Women and Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics in America. She is the founder and publisher of the The Broad Side. Joanne is at work on a forthcoming anthology about Hillary Clinton. You can find Joanne on Twitter at @jlcbamberger. Also, follow The Broad Side on Twitter at @The_Broad_Side and on Facebook!

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