Ferguson Grand Jury Round Up: Shock, Dismay and Analysis

#Ferguson Missouri rioting, no grand jury indictment against Darren Wilson, no charges against officer who killed Michael Brown, #BlackLivesMatterThe federal grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson in the death of unarmed African-American teen Michael Brown has, not surprisingly, caused heated protests in Ferguson, Missouri — the small town where Brown lived and died, and where Wilson was a police officer. In the wake of the announcement that no charges would be filed against Wilson in Brown’s death, protests and riots have sprung up in Missouri, but outrage and confusion are being expressed by many, both on social media outlets and in reported articles.

On Facebook, there is so much commentary like this:

“I woke up today still ashamed of being a white person in America. Still terrified of the “untethering” that law enforcement was gifted with yesterday. Still worried sick for my friends who are raising black sons in this country. And still heartbroken that I have to explain to my daughters that the world doesn’t view all of their friends equally.

“Channeling Atticus Finch today. We have so much work to do.” — Laurie Smithwick

And this:

“With that, I am done. And undone.

“Broken and furious and devastated don’t begin to touch the mountain of feelings I harbor tonight. I haven’t stopped shaking for 2 hours. I haven’t stopped repeating the names of Black men and women who are sacrificed and discarded. I haven’t stopped whispering the names of my family and my ancestors.

“I am not in a fighting mood tonight but I will tap reserves in the morning. We are doing this. We are having the discussions to make change. It will hurt, friends. I know it fucking will. It’s a fire and we walk through it. I already see how much some friends heard and learned the last time we did this national grieving when it was over Trayvon.

“We are doing this again. Do the work. It’s on you. It’s on me. We’re doing this.” — Kelly Wickham

As a country we will, and we should, be analyzing this outcome for weeks and months, as we, hopefully, find a way to really talk about and change race relations in America.  Here are some articles worth reading to put us on that path:

How to Teach Kids About What’s Happening in Ferguson, The Atlantic

Scenes from Ferguson — And Beyond, Slate

Raw Video: Scenes From Ferguson, St. Louis Post Dispatch

Ferguson Documents: How the Grand Jury Reached a Decision, NPR

The Crisis of Leadership and Confidence in Ferguson, Mo., Washington Post

Who Thinks Race Isn’t a Big Deal in Ferguson, Bitch Magazine

It’s Incredibly Rare for a Grand Jury to Do What Ferguson’s Just Did, FiveThirtyEight

Transcript of the Grand Jury, State of Missouri v. Darren Wilson, New York Times

Image via Wikimedia Commons/CC License/Jamelle Bouie

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