I’m a Swing Voter: My Optimistic Prediction

This is the fourth in a series of posts about why I find myself, a historical Democrat, becoming conflicted about who I will vote for this year. I guess I’m a swing voter. I’m worried about footing the bill for Baby Boomer retirement, I’m still not over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost and then there’s the abortion and birth control issues.

My Optimistic Prediction

You know what I think is really going to happen? The economy is going to rebound over the next four years no matter who we elect. The President, whoever it is, is going to be able to take the credit, but it won’t result from much of what he’s done. It will simply be a natural correction, the result of Baby Boomers retiring and leaving vacancies for younger workers. The result of natural economic conditions and a free marketplace. It will be a total win for the Prez because he will be inheriting an economy in recovery, just as Barack Obama inherited a total bomb and took the beating for it.

We’ll still have access to birth control. We’ll still have unplanned pregnancies. We’ll still have Roe v. Wade, and we’ll still be debating whether that’s good or bad. We’ll still have expensive health insurance, and health care industries will be profitable as Baby Boomers age and begin to have more health issues. Women will continue to start businesses, becoming less dependent on patriarchal jobs, resulting in a narrowed wage gap. Women will choose to work less and create more balance in their lives in order to continue putting mothering as a priority; men won’t.

Babies will be born, then go off to kindergarten, then college. Every fall families will snuggle on the couch and watch their favorite sitcoms. We’ll spend all our money on pet costumes at Halloween and on crappy toys made in China for Christmas. We’ll worry about eating too much, and obsess about being fat, which is such a first world problem. We’ll drive cars and buy houses. We’ll gripe about the price of gas and groceries. We’ll get married. Gays will get married. We’ll get divorced. Gays will get divorced.

No matter who is president — we’re going to live.

Well, unless everything changes on Dec. 21, 2012.


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  • Ok, so I’ve read all your reasons for being torn about for whom to vote. I have many reasons for voting for President Obama but one overwhelming one which I wrote about in my post “Why Romney Should Not, CANNOT Win. Here’s the link: http://opinionista.us/why-romney-should-not-cannot-win/

    If and when you read it, please let me know if I’ve helped you to decide.

    All the best.

    • That’s actually a pretty good reason, Opinionista. Which was so freaking IN MY FACE when I lived in Texas. I find Colorado Republicans to be far more respectful and tolerant. Which is probably why I am even considering some alternate thoughts.

      Still, there’s a part of me that expects so much more from Democratic women. Since writing this post I’ve learned that you, for instance, believe that I should move to another country where I cannot vote, that Joanne has “wasted space and should not have given me attention” on The Broad Side, that I am evidently “privileged, self-indulgent and neither intelligent nor educated” because I have legitimate concerns and don’t want to give Obama a free pass.

      I don’t think bullying swing voters, and calling them unintelligent and other names for not giving Democrats a pass is the way to woo them to your side. It’s highly ineffective. And I just expected more. Maybe that’s too much to ask, but still, it’s disappointing.

      The fact is that I believe Mitt is a very moderate candidate who will not take away women’s rights, who will not outlaw welfare, who will not be effective in overturning Roe v. Wade, who will not overturn Obamacare (especially the pre-existing condition part, but probably the mandate part), who will not single-handedly withdraw all funding for and therefore ruin education, who will not build a wall shutting out immigrants and who will not be a satanistic demon bent on a destroying America. I just don’t buy into the fear-based demonizing of this guy.

      Not only do I know through the way the checks and balances are set up that he won’t have the powers to do most of this stuff, I frankly think he won’t be that interested. He’s dispassionate about most of it. The guy will zero in on the economy and put blinders on for a lot of it. It will be like Obama and women’s equality – he’ll say he cares, but won’t do much more than talk about it. He’s not the tea party, he’s a pretty liberal Republican who has a history of Democratic leanings.

      • If Romney gets elected, I hope you’re right about all the good things he will do and all the extreme positions he will abandon. I don’t buy it. Romney went further right than he needed to solidify his base. He’s financed by a band of ultra conservatives like the Koch brothers and SuperPacs controlled by Karl Rove. I have a Republican friend who kept telling me that Bush would never go to war in Iraq because his Cabinet would “check-and-balance” him. How did that turn out?

        As for my comment about undecided voters moving to another country it was half sarcastic, and half pissed off. Yes, I too am angry to see that after 8 years of a disastrous Bush presidency, after 2 years of unprecedented obstruction by the House GOP as a deliberate strategy for achieving their #1 priority to have President Obama serve one term only, and after Romney’s cynical flip-flops and treatment of the electorate as if it were filled with ignorant people, there are still those who consider voting for Romney.

        I know that President Obama is not perfect and hasn’t done everything we needed him to do. Partly because of his character and mostly because of the obstruction that he has faced. If you don’t vote for him because you’re angry at Democratic women, I think you’re throwing the baby out with the bath water.

        Yes, we can be abrasive at times. That’s because we are women on the verge of a nervous breakdown seeing what the GOP has done and where they want to take us.

        It sounds to me like you’ve already made up your mind to vote for Romney. I have made up mine, too. I will be voting for our President.

        All the best.

  • Actually Opinionista yours is the best argument I’ve heard so far and I’ve been strongly considering it. A vote for Romney is a vote for Fox News. (F)SUCK!!!!!

    Democrats were equally in favor of that war because we were emotionally distraught about being attacked on 9/11. And I can’t help but notice that under the Obama administration we’re still there. Also, my brother a Navy chaplain says we’re actively arming for conflict with Iran at the largest Naval base on US soil, that men and women are being sent back out as soon as they get back to US soil, barely enough time to see their families after being gone for a year, under the Obama administration.

    I really want to vote for Roseanne Barr.

  • Well, I truly hope that you make the right decision, which of course for me it means that you would vote for President Obama.

    I truly feel that we cannot reward a party that has been so reckless, including pushing us to the brink of bankruptcy to make President Obama look bad and regain the presidency. I am so against rewarding this bad behavior. If they get away with it, then what will ever stop them?

    Our political process is broken, and I blame today’s GOP for this. Please don’t let the rants and raves of a few who are understandably upset by the extreme rhetoric of the likes of Limbaugh and Fox News push you to vote for someone who, even with the best intentions, will not be able to carry them out because of his ties to big money and to a party that has lost its way in extremism.

    All the best,

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