Is It About the Flag or Is It About Obama?

The sheer horror flying through my somewhat politically filled timeline on Facebook started to center around this campaign piece late last week. A campaign piece, which was designed for t-shirt sales on the Obama campaign came under fire.

I have seen it called UnAmerican, disrespectful, and downright disgraceful. While I don’t really think the American flag should be altered or added upon, I do think this subject as a whole is being blown out of proportion.

Hear me out before you jump down my throat though. Yes, I support Obama and will vote for him. But that has nothing to do with my opinion on this at all. What does influence my opinion is the number of politicians in the past which have used similar campaign designs, specifically jump offs of the American flag.

The 1984 Reagan-Bush campaign happened to be the first I stumbled across.

Photo Credit: 1,000,000 Strong to Help Improve Tea Party Patriots' Spelling and Grammar Facebook Page

Did they give Reagan and Bush senior hell for this? I don’t know because unfortunately for me, I wasn’t even born in 1984. I did a great deal of Googling with no articles about a national crisis over the sticker. I am going to say it is safe to assume there was little ruckus over it. Of course when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me so if anyone has any insight on this specific election or sticker I invite you do weigh in!

As my day and research went on, I was shocked to see another similar campaign piece from one of America’s most loved and cherished Presidents. Lincoln.

Photo Credit: The US Library of Congress


Oh the horror!

The man who protected America and freed slaves! He must have been just as un-American as President Obama of course, right? I mean I know this will for sure taint the views of so many Americans when they think of President Lincoln, right?

Probably not. Sadly people who may not specifically like President Obama or his politics are pulling out stupid excuses to try and crucify him on the campaign trail. To me personally, I think the design for a t-shirt may not have been the best idea but it isn’t as serious as so many people are jumping to make it.

If that was the case, some of the greatest Presidents, who also happen to be Republican, should be receiving the same scrutiny. It would only be what is right.

Why not stop, and simply return to being rational people and focus on the real issues on the campaign trail. The economy, health care, government spending, poverty impacting our children, education, and so on. Not a stupid t-shirt design!

  • Angela

    Great article! I have had the same pic of the t-shirt design posted on my facebook news feed by my Republican friends. I shared this article with them, maybe they will read it also?? One can only hope so….

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