Is “Pro-Life” Really an Accurate Term?

2013-02-28-jill-stanek-375x250Anytime a life is lost, it is a tragedy. Such is the story of a woman who lost her life after a medically necessary late term abortion in Maryland. But what happened in the days after her tragic death, are nothing short of a crime.

That woman to the left is “pro-life” activist Jill Stanek. She is the topic of my piece today.

I am sure you are wondering what she has to do with the loss of the mother I mentioned above, and I will tell you. In the days after the Maryland woman’s death, Stanek, who claims to be “pro-life,” not only leaked the private information of the patient in question, but groups have been using it as a springboard for protests.

According to, Stanek was behind all of the following:

The name and picture of the woman, I’ll call her Marie, along with information about her job, marriage, and pregnancy were soon all over the internet. Protesters plastered Marie’s picture on signs and marched outside Dr. [LeRoy] Carhart’s clinic and held a “vigil” outside the emergency room where she was treated. Internet commentators characterized Marie’s husband, parents, and sister, who traveled with her from out-of-state for the three-day procedure, as everything from bad Catholics to killers. Beyond being immoral, unethical and unbelievably cruel, making the family’s tragedy public without their consent was likely illegal.

Which makes me question whether or not Stanek truly is “pro-life” as she claims in her activism.

It was hard to believe that someone who would claim to care so much for women, and life, would put a grieving family who is dealing with such a horrible loss through something so nasty. In fact, I am sure this woman would not have been a blip on her radar if she actually had died due to her pregnancy complications, which they were trying to eliminate.

I was watching coverage from The David Pakman Show, and wanted to share the video clip:

What these people are doing is wrong. Not something that I could classify as being pro-life by any means. Nor is it logical. David Pakman makes a very accurate statement when he compares the request that all abortion clinics be shut down from one tragic death, to the gun control advocates who happen to be on the same side of the fence.

Alas, no matter what side of the argument or debate you sit on, not only were the actions of these pro-life advocates illegal, they were also downright shitty as human beings.

To read more about this story, you can check out these great posts from around the Web:

Anti-Choicers Shamelessly Abuse Dead Woman Because She Chose Medically-Indicated Surgery – RH Reality Check

  • Hi, Danielle. I was honored to meet Jill earlier this year. You may not be aware of her story and how she became so involved in the pro-life movement ( I remember her story well and consider her a hero for helping save children who were born alive and left to die.

    The woman who lost her life at Dr. Carhart’s clinic is a tragic example of the lack of oversight in the abortion industry. I don’t know if Jill, a nurse by trade, considers herself a “journalist,” but she did what so many journalists for some reason repeatedly fail to do: bring the truth about the danger of the abortion industry to light.

    • @Aimee – What she did IMO (in my opinion) was a huge violation of privacy rights. I am sure Jill is a wonderful woman, as many pro-life advocates are… but these actions are uncalled. We don’t see these same advocates with pitchforks rallying to close hospitals where women die giving birth. Its just hypocritical. More women die annually from pregnancy and childbirth complications than abortion complications.

    • Aimee, The problem with this story is that all of the woman’s information is supposed to be completely private and not available to any outside group or unrelated person — that’s against the law. Somehow, someone in the hospital broke the law and stole that information and provided it to her. It’s been a local story here in Maryland and the woman was having dire health issues that meant she faced death even if she tried to give birth.

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