Kansas to Sperm Donor: PAY UP!

When it comes to fertility treatments and creating a family, many same sex couples essentially cut corners. Maybe using a great friend as a sperm donor, or using alternative methods since the traditional field of fertility treatments can be so dang expensive.

Well if you live in Kansas, don’t try cutting corners… especially if you are the egg or sperm donor in question. Because they will come after you to support that baby!  No joke! It is happening right now to a many who helped out a lesbian couple.

After falling on hard times, the two women relied on state medical assistance to the tune of $6000 for their child. Well now the sperm donor is on the hook for the bill.

ABC News Reported:

Marotta, 46, met Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner in 2009 when he responded to a Craigslist ad from a lesbian couple in Topeka, Kan., who were offering $50 per sperm donation, according to legal documents.

Marotta and his wife met with the women and he agreed to donate to them without accepting the money, Swinnen said.

All three signed a sperm donor contract that stated that he would have no paternal rights and would be in no way responsible for any child that resulted from the donation.

Unknown to Marotta and his wife, the couple did not use a licensed provider for the insemination, which is where the problems for this poor guy started.

When the couple fell on hard times three years later, the daughter received $189 in support and nearly $6,000 in medical care. None of which would be provided unless the couple named the biological father of the child in question. (Which is my first problem with this.)

Now this man has to pay an attorney, and is being dragged through the court system for essentially being a nice person, and helping this couple to start a family. No matter what hard times people fall upon, it is not his responsibility to foot the bill. If anyone should be on the hook, it should be the couple themselves, right?  They are the two who made the decision to have the child, and the choice to use a provider who was not licensed.

Of course the biological father in question was not that bright in the situation, while they make the effort to write up a contract they all should have dug deeper into the laws.

What do I think?

I think the state of Kansas should leave this poor guy alone. While he may be blood to this child, it is not his responsibility. And if this man is on the hook… then we need to start raking in all the sperm donors around the country to pony up.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Photo Credit: Flickr

Content originally from Danielle Elwood Dot Com – Reposted with Permission!

  • Marti Teitelbaum

    I wouldn’t say it with quite such condemnatory words as you did (“If anyone should be on the hook, it should be the couple themselves, right?”), but I do agree that they should be the ones ultimately responsible.
    But the situation seems to be that they were forced to give this guy’s name in order to get the help they needed, and that’s what’s caused this problem.
    That’s a problem in other places — I seem to remember that at one point in Virginia they required the name of the biological father for a woman to get cash assistance from the state. There are all sorts of reasons a woman might not be able to or might not want to give the name, including fear of an abusive man, being raped, incest, not knowing who the father is, and, in the case I heard, that the woman was essentially raped by a violent gang and didn’t want to give out any names for fear of reprisal.
    Kansas is one of those punitive states — they frequently make things unpleasant for women — just read about their former AG (google “kansas ag abortion” and you’ll get a lengthy list of his anti-women activities), and their attempts to close down all their abortion clinics (and don’t forget the murder of Dr. George Tiller). The case you report is awful for the poor guy, but it’s not much better for the two mothers.

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