“Mom-conomy” Takes Over the World

With Anna Koclanes, a future mompreneur preparing to use her MBA to create a business that allows for fluidity between her home & business

With Anna Koclanes, a future mompreneur preparing to use her MBA to create a business that allows for fluidity between her home & business

Woe is me! What’s a mother to do in this world? With all of the economic disparity, the craptastic economy and the completely un-mom-friendly corporate culture that keeps us from our littles? Whether single or married, mothers are discriminated against and can’t seem to manage a work-life balance and score equality. This could destroy the family as we know it.

Meh. I call this the Mythology of Working Motherhood and, frankly, I find it to be a complete load of crap. Corporate America can be a less-than-desirable way for women to work and mother and many companies are inflexible, doling out benefits about as freely as the pre-saved Scrooge. But a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do, right?

Wrong. Here’s what I’m seeing. I’m seeing a mom-centric micro-economy emerging across America and beyond. It’s run by mother entrepreneurs who got tired of begging corporations to institute better policies. So. They. Quit. They abandoned their careers in the traditional workplace. What was acceptable as single women—long hours, evenings and weekends, only average pay and benefits—quickly became completely unacceptable when Mama hormones kicked in.

These are smart women. Brilliant and creative women. They didn’t want to zone out in front of that big purple dinosaur Barney forever. They want brain candy, they want to express themselves. They want to use the freaking master’s degree they’re still paying for in their monthly student loan payment. And they want to be there after school to take their kid to swim practice.

Rejecting the either/or choice that the media-ized Mommy Wars present as inevitable, these women have begun to do something revolutionary. They are inventing a new way of working that is fluid within their family lives. They launch companies using their gifts and talents. They schedule their business activities around their family activities.

It was slow-going at first. A struggle to figure it out. Most difficult when the littles are still at home pulling at your yoga pants, demanding attention. Still, they push on. Sending the invoices, scheduling the appointments, shipping the products. Business grows. They hire other mothers, other momprenuers, who work at home, brilliantly keeping their overhead low while stimulating the mom-conomy.

This is the path to economic power for mothers. It’s a compelling business model, which rewards mothers economically, while allowing them to Mom it Up!

Controlled by neither corporate America nor the government, the only limits on the business potential lie within the mom herself. With potential unlimited, the momprenuer is gaining clout, prestige and influence. Soon her demands will drive the rest of the country as more and more mothers realize that to control one’s own destiny truly is liberation that leads to economic stability. Young women, already, are watching the generation before them and preparing to follow suit—gaining experience and planning ahead for their own business ownership before the babies come along.

Power up, momprenuers! This is how we save the world!

Tracee Sioux is a Law of Attraction Coach at Authentic Power Living. She has also led The Girl Revolution, a movement to proclaim the power in femininity since 2007 and the author of Love Distortion: Belle, Battered Codependent and Other Love Stories. Email her at traceesioux@gmail.com to learn more about Law of Attraction and how you can co-create your own life.

*image courtesy of the author

  • Beverly Uhlmer

    Great article! I just watched a piece on TV about those who are not married and/or do not have children resent watching special privileges being given to those who need extra time off, sometimes with full pay, while their childless colleagues carry the work load. Tracee’s commentary proves that there are other ways to “have it all”.

  • Marti Teitelbaum

    Lovely idea, but not everyone can do it. In addition to having a creative idea and needing some business sense, you also need a safety net. Having children means you need to have health insurance for both you and the kids — one illness in the family could wipe out your thriving start-up and send you in to endless debt.
    There are examples of women who have done exactly what you describe and I admire them greatly. But for the vast majority of mothers, unfortunately, this is more a pipe dream than a possibility. They need a secure income and the protection of insurance to make sure their families will be okay.
    As a spinner and weaver, I am in contact with a lot of small business people and I know that they’re often on the edge of catastrophic failure.

  • I know many, many women who are doing it with nothing more than a shoe string, Marti. They start small. They don’t have a lick of business sense when they start, but they earn it the hard way and it pays off in the end. And they don’t have health insurance – or they qualify for state-supported insurance like medicaid or medicare or the Colorado Indigent Care Program – until they can afford a policy down the road.

    The only think you really need to do this is Intention and Balls.

  • Tina

    I’m there, part of the mom-conomy. Love that word. However, the only reason I’m able to do it is because my husband has a job with benefits, mainly medical insurance. If I were paying for my own insurance for my family, I’d be back to an 8-5 staff job in a New York Minute. It’s funny that the political discussions around health insurance usually involve a whole bunch of people screaming about the burden on businesses. What they don’t factor in is the flourishing of small one and two person businesses that would take place if medical bankruptcy and/or death weren’t a factor in deciding to go without insurance, or pay on your own for sub-standard insurance. My one-person freelance mom-business survives in part because of my husband’s large (unionized) employer with fantastic benefits.

    • I see your point Tina. However in Nov. states will have to give self-employed and unemployed people an ability to opt-in to insurance plans that they’ve negotiated which will begin Jan. 2014. As part of ObamaCare, being held hostage by corporations for insurance reasons is fast becoming a thing of the past.

      I used to previously believe that I was screwed if my husband’s job didn’t have insurance. Turns out that now that I’m not insured by his company, but have a state insurance plan in Colorado – that my healthcare benefits are better and my copays lower. Even cash pay has been a more affordable option for my family.

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