Poor Mitt Romney Thinks Our Collective Memory is Just That Bad on Poverty

Mitt Romney runs as anti-poverty candidate, Mitt Romney and 47%, Romney says Obama for rich and against poorThe old Mitt Romney told us in the 2012 presidential election that the poorest “47%” were just leeches on society who would never vote for a Republican because they are too dependent on the government for their needs. With a tone of disdain, he told GOP fundraisers at a private event, that ended up being not so private, that the “47%” expect things like food and health care!

Can you believe that people who live below the poverty level would actually expect such luxuries from their government?!

Now, as Republicans see that Hillary Clinton is pretty darn serious about wanting to move back into the White House in 2017, Mitt Romney, the Bain Capital investment banker, wants us to believe he’s seen the light about what’s wrong with our country  — he says we need to focus on those in poverty! Why, it’s almost as if Romney, who has run as the uber-conservative in many campaigns, now is focused on his inner Robin Hood.

That’s right, the man who made it clear just three years ago that he thought the poor should just pull themselves up by their bootstraps, told the Republican National Committee Winter Meeting:

“Under President Obama, the rich have gotten richer, income inequality has gotten worse and there are more people in poverty than ever before,” Romney said. “Under this president, his policies have not worked. Their liberal policies are good every four years for a campaign, but they don’t get the job done.”

So now Mitt Romney, the man who sounded like he needed to shower after talking about those who can’t make ends meet, wants us to believe that income inequality is his raison detre?

Now, we all know that political candidates like to re-invent themselves, and there’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton and any other 2008 candidates who give the White House another shot will do their own reinvention dance, but Mitt must think voters are either collectively stupid or suffer from sever 2012 amnesia if he truly thinks he can position himself as the poverty advocate.

Our memory isn’t as bad as Romney hopes, if 2012 exit polling is any indication:

“Among the 21 percent of people who said that “cares about people like me” was the most important candidate trait in deciding their vote, 81 percent voted for President Obama while just 18 percent chose Romney.  81 to 18.”

Take a look at Romney’s infamous speech about why he doesn’t care about the poor and ask yourself — is it possible for him to be taken seriously as the political savior of America’s poor?

Joanne Bamberger is an independent journalist and journalism entrepreneur who is also the author of the book Mothers of Intention: How Women and Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics in America. She is the founder and publisher of the The Broad Side. Joanne is at work on a forthcoming anthology about Hillary Clinton. You can find Joanne on Twitter at @jlcbamberger. Also, follow The Broad Side on Twitter at @The_Broad_Side and on Facebook!
To schedule an interview with Joanne or book her for a speaking engagement, you can reach her at joanne@punditmom.com

Image via Wikimedia Commons/BU Interactive News/CC License

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