President Obama Thinks He Is Dad-in-Chief

President ObamaOops, he did it again! President Obama has decided that he knows what is best for  young women in the United States. In late 2011, he decided that young women need a prescription to obtain Plan B, otherwise known as the morning-after pill. He urged us to use common sense and pulled the daddy card. Well, sorry, Mr. President it doesn’t work that way.

A federal judge’s ruling last month overturned the administration’s Plan B restrictions. U.S. District Judge Edward Korman ruled that the latest Food and Drug Administration’s decision to limit access to Plan B was “arbitrary, capricious, and  unreasonable.”

Big win, yes?

While the administration appeals the decision, “Dad-in-chief” Obama lobbed back with a new ‘compromise’ that allows anyone over 15 to have access to Plan B as an over-the-counter drug. This compromise holds numerous flaws.

First, how many 15-year-olds have government IDs? And in some parts of the country, say the urban areas, some teens don’t even drive yet. So their lack of government ID might go up to their 18th birthday.

Second, as the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health points out, many immigrant women do not have proper identification.

Third, having to present identification, even for adults can be embarrassing or lead to harassment by pharmacy workers. Because while Plan B may be moving out from behind the pharmacist’s area, it will certainly end up in a locked case.

I’m sure there are other reasons why this is a bad idea. It flies in the face of science as Plan B is safer than most other over-the-counter medications. Plan B is the last opportunity to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Just days ago President Obama attended a Planned Parenthood event and gave a wonderful speech. I defended his non-use of the word “abortion,” but I can’t defend his decision to have the FDA appeal the judge’s decision.

At the same time as we are having a conversation about five-year-olds’ right to bear arms and Viagra is now available online, I cannot believe we are still weighing the morality of having Plan B available to all over-the-counter without identification. I just can’t.

Contributor Veronica Arreola writes the blog Viva la Feminista, where she tries to navigate and understand the intersection between feminism, motherhood and her Latinadad. You can follow her on Twitter @veronicaeye

Image courtesy of the White House.

  • Beverly Uhlmer

    Perhaps the issue is that no one knows the effect of this very powerful hormone on the still-developing bodies of young girls. These youngsters may think it is just as harmless as taking an aspirin for a headache and then discover years later that they have done irreparable damage to their reproductive organs and can never have children. Also, it encourages youngsters to engage in even more sexual encounters by giving them a false sense of security that they can easily prevent pregnancy. However, the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases, some untreatable, has risen dramatically with the increase in early sexual encounters, especially if there are multiple partners. The sexual revolution has been a disaster, with out-of-wedlock pregnancies as high as 70% in some communities. This has created enormous social and fiscal issues as the government takes over the job of fathers by providing for this ever-increasing number of children with no strong male influence in their lives.

  • Well, shoot! Maybe all condoms should be taken off the shelves and out of vending machines, available to any age person. That won’t stop young people from sexual experimentation but I suppose it would appease the super conservatives who believe we are still living in the Fifties. My question is this: who will take responsibility for all the babies born to parents who are still just babies themselves? Some claim the government should stay out of our lives so may those people are ready to care for and educate those babes. Or perhaps Ms.Arreola would prefer the high court make all of our bedroom decisions for us. They’ve done such a superb job so far.

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