Same-Sex Marriage and Women’s Equality. You Say To-may-to and I say To-mah-to!

5728223962_e22a83b8beConservative Phyllis Schlafly realized along time ago that there is a direct correlation between the progress of women’s rights and gay rights. She is now using her experience in bringing down women’s rights to do the same with same sex marriage.

Schlafly defeated the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in the 1970s by warning the world of female soldiers, same-sex marriage and the possibility that straight marriages would lose their defined gender roles.

She scared people of change. She used fear to convince people by somehow increasing the rights of some would take away the rights of others.

Schlafly is proud of her role in keeping women unequal. The ERA passed both houses of Congress and went to the states for ratification. Ten years later, in 1982, the ERA failed to receive the requisite number of ratifications before the mandated federal deadline precisely because of Schlafly’s efforts to mobilize conservatives in opposition to it. She essentially cock-blocked equal rights for women and metaphorically spat in the face of suffragist Alice Paul.

Apparently, Schlafly forgot that she, too, has a vagina.

Could it be that Phyllis Schlafly is a self-loathing woman? She has to be, because why else would she fight to stay unequal to a man? I don’t understand how any woman can support an affiliation that wants to control her body or her personal life and take away all freedom of choice. Being that she hates her own sex, she also doesn’t care for homosexuals and their crazy notion that they should be equal in marriage or otherwise.

Equality is the same; whether you are fighting for marriage equality, gender equality or employment equality. We are all humans. It shouldn’t matter what is between our legs, whom we love, the color of our skin, the religion we practice, or our country of origin. Equality is not a zero sum game. Human is human. The best thing for all of us who are fighting for equality is to organize against our suppressors and demand our human right of equality.

The middle class, white conservative male population that has dominated our government for far too many years dismisses our demand for equality. There are so many more of us, the legally unequal and discriminated against —  why the hell are we taking it? We can defeat them in sheer numbers alone.

Standing together as a united front and speaking up for one another is the only way to combat those who refuse to give us equal rights. Together, we can fight for our rights with out succession. Divided we will always be treated as unequals by the Schlaflys of the world.

I demand marriage equality for all humans and human equality for all women. I don’t want government telling me who I can and cannot marry nor do I want it telling me what to do with my body. These are personal choices, not governmental ones and they are choices that should be birthrights of all human beings. And I’m not going to let the Phyllis Schlaflys of the world turn same sex marriage into the next defeated social movement.

Deborah Cruz is the chief creative officer of The TRUTH about Motherhood, a parenting and lifestyle blog where she divulges the brutally honest truth about everything with a lot of passion and a little humor. Her husband always knew she had a feminist streak but since becoming a mommy to her girls, it has become her personal mission to protect the uteruses of all womankind. When she is not Throat Punching people or giving you the low down on parenting, you can also find her freelance writing at Mamas Latinas, Aiming Low, Modern Baby, Everyday Family, Moonfrye and Smart Mom Style. In her “spare” time, she tweets like it is her job @TruthfulMommy and might have a small addiction to Facebook.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Creative Commons License

  • Really? Women who think abortion should be illegal must be self-loathing? I loathe abortion, but I like myself. I promise. There are MANY others like me. Some even call themselves feminists:

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