Texas Introduces “Preborn Pain Act,” Just Like Rick Perry Promised

2233914814_742ae8d8c1Again with the Republicans trying to crawl up in my uterus and man the ship. When will they learn that the uteruses belong with the vaginas and if you don’t have a vagina, you should probably just mind your own penis? Oh wait, they have and that is why now they have sent in a woman to do their dirty work, Texas State Republican Representative Jodie Laubenberg.

Laubenberg has filed the Texas state legislature’s first attempt to ban abortions after 20 weeks — the so-called Preborn Pain Act. Remember last winter when Texas Governor Rick Perry said it was coming and legislatures were going to punish women seeking late term abortions? Well, here it is. The bill claims that “substantial medical evidence recognizes that an unborn child is capable of experiencing pain by not later than 20 weeks after fertilization.” Which, by the way, has not been proven. There is no such medical evidence. Silly anti-choicers, what won’t they say to push their agenda?

I am not pro-abortion. In fact, I don’t think I could ever have one myself, but that doesn’t give me any right to decide what another woman does with her own body and it certainly doesn’t give Governor Perry or State Representative Laubenberg the right to decide to punish women for making the choice to end a pregnancy. By law, it is still legal to make the choice to have an abortion.

The proposed bill allows exceptions if the mother is in physical danger of severe brain damage, if the viable child will be severely brain damaged, or if the mother is in imminent danger of dying. Aside from that, ladies, you will be punished if you try to get an abortion after 20 weeks. This bill does not provide any exception for cases of pregnancies resulting from incest or rape.

Personally, I don’t think most women wait until they are that far along in their pregnancy to get an abortion unless there is something seriously wrong with the mother’s health or the baby in question. I don’t understand why anyone thinks that a woman can just carry a baby for 20 weeks with no concern for its well being. By 20 weeks, you know the sex, it looks like a baby, and you feel it move. This is not a decision any woman would make lightly. No woman has ever made the decision to end a pregnancy on a whim and no woman has ever wanted to inflict pain on the fetus she is carrying. These women are not monsters. They are women who had to make a really hard choice.

This “Preborn Pain Act,” that has absolutely no scientific or medical founding, is just another ploy by the Republicans to strip women of their reproductive rights. And they had a woman file the act. Why any woman would agree to help reverse women’s rights is beyond me. Representative Laubenberg’s actions are a betrayal to her very species.

What do you think of the Preborn Pain Act?

Deborah Cruz is the chief creative officer of The TRUTH about Motherhood, a parenting and lifestyle blog where she divulges the brutally honest truth about everything with a lot of passion and a little humor. Her husband always knew she had a feminist streak but since becoming a mommy to her girls, it has become her personal mission to protect the uteruses of all womankind. When she is not Throat Punching people or giving you the low down on parenting, you can also find her freelance writing at The Stir, Mamas Latinas, Aiming Low, Modern Baby, Everyday Family, Moonfrye and Smart Mom Style. In her “spare” time, she tweets like it is her job @TruthfulMommy and might have a small addiction to Facebook.

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  • Beverly Uhlmer

    It is scientifically proven that a preborn baby at 20 weeks CAN feel pain. Babies sometimes are born at this stage of development and, in an attempt to save them, they are given medical intervention. They flinch and cry when receiving treatment that would cause anyone to do so.
    It is tragic that a woman would consider aborting her baby at this age but I know for certain that it happens often enough that it is necessary to protect the rights of the unborn as well as those of the mother.
    Why is it okay to destroy, by whatever means necessary, a preborn child, but the moment the baby emerges from the uterous killing it is considered murder? The baby is just as dependent on others for nurture as it was before it was born. A civilized society should respect life at all stages, especially if that child has the fully developed nervous system that exists in a 20-week unborn baby.

    • @Beverly – For certain it happens often? I have to disagree with you here. It is a fact that the vast majority of abortions take place in the first trimester. Over 80%+ as a matter of fact. These are rare cases. We need to respect the private medical choices of all women, period.

  • Katie

    I am also opposed to the idea of late term (5+months in) abortions.

    I am more concerned, however, with the idea that a woman who chooses to act on her beliefs politically (as is the right of ALL human beings), would be labelled as a “traitor to her species” (I assume the author meant gender. We’re not that different from the guys). I know plenty of women who are pro-life, myself being one of them (with a few exceptions). Is every woman who has made that choice a traitor to her species? Maybe we ought to call pro-choice women traitors to Moms. Moreover, as a Republican politician in Texas, Rep. Laubenberg’s actions in introducing the bill were the picture of her being loyal to her constituents, which is her job as a state representative.

    If the issue is about killing or not killing babies, go ahead. If the issue is about respecting a woman’s body, and her ability to remove unwanted children from her womb, go ahead. But if the issue is about a woman’s CHOICE, and her ability to make those choices, then do not demonize this woman, and do not imply that she is a puppet of the party she chose to belong to. She made a choice just like other women make theirs- the power of choice does not stop at the uterus.

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