The Problem With Hillary Hate

Hillary_Clinton_(24552133881)The vitriol Hillary Clinton suffers on a personal level carries broader ramifications for women in politics.

Republicans want to throw Hillary Clinton in jail or put her in front of a firing squad. Democrats who spoke positively about Clinton were booed during the first night of their convention. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters stomped off the convention floor the second night after Clinton officially became the Democratic candidate and protested outside.

We don’t lack for examples of Hillary-hate. For conservatives, loathing Hillary Clinton has long been a cottage industry. Pundits and journalists alike continually refer to her as corrupt and untrustworthy, even though the things people point to for support either are false or they can’t say why they use those words because, well, it’s just a feeling they have. Even though many fans call her loyal and fearless, the negative too often overshadows the positive.

But why? How did Hillary Clinton – now the first woman presidential nominee of a major political party – become the subject of so much loathing?

Some say it’s a “Hillary thing.” Others contend it’s a “woman thing.” I’ve pondered this question a long time. It turns out that it’s a little bit of both, plus more.

Read the rest of my article at U.S. News & World Report.

Joanne Bamberger is the founder of The Broad Side and the author/editor of the the award-winning bestseller Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox.

Image via Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore/CC License

  • ToppyTopics

    I guess I missed the memo that says it’s popular or courageous to hate on Hillary Clinton. I can’t figure out why this is an effective strategy to our economy, women’s views, abortion, wars, incarceration and injustice, raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars–federally. If I did get the memo would it say this: To the women of the United States. It’s a mistake to take the position that Hillary Clinton takes. It is unpopular and demeaning to support women who have been raped that might need an abortion. It might be unhealthy to take the position that Hillary Clinton is a rich white women that wants to police our language, when we absolutely want to be able to say what we want against–“others.”

    Hillary Clinton the memo might say, has been a rebel without a cause since she was in college and she chose to marry a man that did not respect her views. It might go on to say; Bill Clinton clearly was at work doing other things while Hillary was hard at work on issues for children, women, handicapped, and African Americans. I think in the memo it might tell me that if I am a bleeding heart liberal–then my job and future is at risk.

    The memo is clear and it would make me the person to be watched by a person like Donald Trump, who speaks about women in horrific terms as if they are sex objects. I thought that’s what feminism was supposed to fight.

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