The Steubenville Rape Trial: The Real Tragedy Isn’t the Sentence

544400_491539690907575_884457471_nThe past 24 hours have left me completely disgusted with the news coverage surrounding the two Steubenville, Ohio football players who were convicted of raping a classmate.

In the wake of the verdict, a plethora of media outlets have discussed the poor boys and how absolutely harsh the verdict was, mainly because these two football players — 16- and 17-years-old —  with promising futures, possibly in the NFL, now have to register as sex offenders, and this of course may ruin their chances as college or careers.

Not a word about the victim. Not ONE damn word about the poor girl who was sexually assaulted by TWO men, because if we are being serious here these boys are men. The judge in the case even noted that the two could have been tried as adults. They may not be legal adults, but in a crime like this I fully believe they need to be treated as such. What they did was an adult act.

Ohhhhhh booooo hooooooo, their futures are ruined. But what about that poor girl? The victim? Few are talking about what she’s had to deal with in the aftermath of this. Especially considering these two perpetrators went on to brag about their conquest on social media outlets.

This case and its aftermath have shown exactly how the majority of Americans still live in this far out land where victims of vicious crimes like rape should be silenced or swept under the rug. Or even worse… blamed for their attack.

The news media should be absolutely ashamed at the direction their coverage took. Beyond ashamed! The only victim in all of this is the girl who was raped.

These boys made a choice. And their choices resulted in consequences, just like all illegal activity should. Time to put their big boy panties on and deal with it!

Image via MsCongeniality Facebook page

  • Aw, how sad. Do they have to register as sex offenders? Just because they caused a sexual offense?

    I really don’t care if the girl was so drunk or stoned that she couldn’t stand up or fight them off. At 16 and 17 years old, does somebody want to explain how these two boys had never learned that rape is a bad thing?

    Yes, there’s a bigger problem that needs to get taken care of. But you know something? When you don’t know exactly how to cure the disease, the best course is usually to take care of the symptoms.

    And at this point, punishing the rapists is exactly what needs to be done.

  • Ann

    Those boys should be castrated, and everyone at CNN who had a hand in reporting this story should be fired. Then, CNN should lose its license and be pulled permanently off the air. This is beyond irresponsible. It’s downright despicable.

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