2015 Predictions: Women Will Rock Edition!

Happy New Year 2015, Hillary Clinton vs Jeb Bush, Millenials and feminism, #365feministselfie project, Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary paradox, As we bid farewell to 2014, I asked my fella Broads what they think we should look out for in 2015:

12. The volume of women finding their voice will continue to rise. Whether they are voicing their political opinion in conversation over coffee or using social media, women’s voices will not be tamped down in 2015.

11. The conversation around feminism will draw its lines based on goals and not what year or generation one was born in. Surely there are some second wave feminists who support the mission of millennials and there are millennials who would be quite comfortable with asking some members of the feminist community to walk at the back of the parade. Drawing lines based on when one is born blurs the line of what we are actually fighting for in the name of feminism.

10. The Malia Obama College Tour begins! Speculation will begin in 2015 of where the eldest Obama daughter will go to college. Will she follow in her parents’ footsteps? Or will she reveal that she rejects formal grades and end up at The Evergreen State College?

9. Republican Women for Hillary will bring in the most money of any PAC. GOP women are tired of having to host teas for men who fail to appoint women to anything, continue to play politics with female genitalia and realize that many of them are smarter than the GOP men anyway.

8. #9 will result in high profile Democratic women having to band together to maintain their status in the Hillary 2016 campaign.

7. In an effort to not be left behind, at least one high profile GOP woman will throw her hat into the Presidential ring. Our bet is on Carly Fiorina.

6. Jeb Bush goes on a round of interviews where he only speaks to Spanish language TV and radio to the chagrin of English-speaking media and the generation of Latinos who actually do not speak Spanish. Ahem.

5. Notorious RBG, aka Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, will finally explain how it is she can be such good friends with her fellow Justice Antonin Scalia. We understand having friends with different views than your own, but come on, Ruth!

4. Feminist websites and news outlets will refocus on everyday feminists and yawn when the next celeb comes out as feminist. The focus will remain on the ground and not the red carpet.

3. #365FeministSelfie will be taking the self-love off line and meet in person. Stay tuned to Viva la Feminista for details on the independently organized conferences (meaning I have little to do with the details!) as I receive them.

2. Senator Elizabeth Warren will continue to nip at Hillary Clinton’s heels. Senator Warren will not stop giving amazing speeches either in the Senate or outside the Capitol which will make the more progressive end of the Democratic party plead for her to jump in the race.

1. Publication of oodles of Hillary Clinton books, including a “surprising” anthology about HRC by Joanne Bamberger, the founder of The Broad Side! Look for it in time for gift giving season 2015!

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  • sallyedelstein

    Nearly 45 years after the women’s liberation movement stormed onto
    the scene opening a floodgate of discourse about women’s rights, it’s
    déjà vu all over again.

    It’s hard to believe that systemic gender inequality still exists
    today and women are still being moved around like so many pawns in a
    political game that seems to be played by men only.

    Ironically because feminist ideas are so taken for granted few women think of
    themselves as feminists. The persistent stereotype of 2nd wave feminists
    as male bashing, make-up-less angry and non domestic was the same
    stereotype perpetrated by the media at the time.

    If a picture says a thousand words, take a look at a series of collages
    that contain thousands of images portraying a pivotal time period
    when women became conscious not only of the inequality, but how our identities had become fragmented by a media insistent on dictating ever-changing standards. Not unlike

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