Daily B.S. — CPCs Get Sweetheart Deals, Iowa Board of Med Withholds Evidence on Telemed Ban

angry_woman_-_Flickr_-_keith_ellwoodContributor Robin Marty reads through the reproductive rights headlines so The Broad Side readers don’t have to…

— There’s nothing that the right hates more than anything that remotely resembles taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. But anything goes when it comes to getting money to religious crisis pregnancy centers (“CPC”). Georgia officials have arranged for a company that received a regulatory fine be allowed to give it to CareNet, one of the country’s largest CPC franchises, rather than into the state treasury.  Of course, the commissioner’s wife happens to be a volunteer.

— Last week, the Iowa Board of Medicine voted 8-2 to shut down the state’s successful telemed abortion program, despite never receiving a complaint from a patient or doctor. Now, the Board has refused to allow Planned Parenthood to see the copy of the report they were considering that declared the practice dangerous to patients. But no worries, Board Chair Dr. Greg Hoversten said he and the rest of the board never bothered to read the report in the first place.

— North Carolina is about to distribute $800,000 in abstinence-only education funds for 4th to 6th grade classes. Earlier this year, the legislature rejected federal funding that would have extended Medicaid for low income residents, and took a quarter of a million in low-income health care funding to give to crisis pregnancy centers.

— The New York Times broke new ground when it ran a wedding announcement that candidly discussed the couple’s personal reasons for obtaining an abortion earlier in their relationship. The move has left anti-choice activists furious with the so-called “celebration of abortion.”

— The Times also ran a fascinating article about the 20 week ban being proposed in Albuquerque, and the paid Operation Rescue splinter group pushing the initiative. One element they unfortunately missed: the “Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust” and their love of ending “training sessions” with a protest outside a physician’s private home.

— Finally, a new Pew study says the divide between the North and South over abortion is widening.

You don’t say.

Robin Marty is a freelance writer, speaker and activist. Robin’s political, women’s rights and reproductive articles and personal writings have appeared at Ms. Magazine, Truth Out, RH Reality Check, Alternet, BlogHer and Care2. She has been featured in panels at the National Organization for Women, Netroots Nation, the National Conference For Media Reform, National Organizing Institute and NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota. Robin is the co-author of, Crow After Roe: How Women’s Health Is the New “Separate But Equal” and How to Change That with lawyer Jessica Mason Pieklo.

 Image via Wikimedia Commons/CC License


  • Marti Teitelbaum

    It’s part of the increasing divide between blue & red states, with things like Obamacare expanding services to people in the blue states while the red states march in lockstep toward the middle ages.
    For all the libertarian bull being spread around, it’s liberals who trust individuals to make their own decisions while the Republicans think the governments that they control should make the most intimate decisions for people.
    Thanks for this neat summary of what’s happening. I’m off to read some of the links.

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