Why is Gay Marriage a Debate?

Last week’s global news coverage focused on the resignation of the Pope and the nuclear activity of North Korea. However, neither one of these global news topics is at the forefront in my mind.

On Tuesday,  I read a story about France’s National Assembly passing legislation on to their Senate that would legalize gay marriage.  The “Marriage For All” bill passed with a 329 to a 229 vote in favor of both gay marriage and in securing the parental rights of gay couples who choose to adopt. If passed, France will join the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland and Argentina to become the 11th country to legalize and recognize marriages between same sex couples as legal.

When is the United States going to recognize that they are continuing to ostracize a large portion of the population?

I have spent my entire life being a resident of Washington State. It is now one of nine states that legally recognize the marriage of same sex couples. In November, Maine, Maryland and Washington all passed laws legalizing same sex marriages. Washington’s Marriage Equality or Referendum 74 passed with 53.7% of the votes. However, now that gay marriages are legal in our state, the conversation continues in a new way. This week I heard a local news station cover the topic of gay marriage as a way to bring in tourist dollars because the closest state to legally marry gays is Iowa. There are also talks of a similar law being put to a vote in Oregon and other states.

While globally people begin to accept and acknowledge the LGBT community, the anti-gay marriage slurs and conversations still happen. My own next door neighbor feels the need to voice political opinions over the fence between comments about the weather and local road construction. I along with others watched people become crazed this election season. People I have known since childhood voiced their opinions via various social media sites, using derogatory slurs and hateful expressions. And yet, I am still unsure of why people are so opposed to others finding happiness?

As a child of the eighties, I remember not only my mother, but also Mrs. Hansen — my first grade teacher — instructing me about the Golden Rule of ethics — “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

For the most part, I have gone through life living by this rule. I stop for people to cross the street and give to those with less than myself every chance I get. But why don’t people take this golden rule in to consideration when it comes to gay marriage? As far back as I can remember I wanted to be married with children, a common childhood dream. I wouldn’t want anyone telling me I couldn’t get married, so why would I deny that right to another.

Honestly, I don’t understand why this is even an issue in 2013.

I am married. My spouse and I have discussed the topic of marriage equality and we both agree. We do NOT feel threatened by gay marriage or do we feel it devalues our marriage. We both believe that there are only two people who can devalue or reduce the strength of a marriage and that is the two adults in the marriage. Whether those two adults are male and female or male and male. A big shock for those who know me because I don’t consider myself religious but I also believe that only God can judge others so let each and every person face their own judgment day.

After all the Golden Rule is straight out of the Bible, found in Matthew 7:12.

Leah Sipress is a happily married stay at home mom to two high energy little characters ages two and four. She first started her blog,  to keep a digital scrapbook of her family’s activities for relatives out of state and has since found writing to be therapeutic. As a recent University of Washington – Tacoma graduate with a BA in Urban Studies, and a community volunteer, she spends her spare time with her family enjoying the great outdoors and getting crafty by scrap-booking and sewing.

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