Why the Media Want You to Think Hillary Clinton is a Big, Fat, Evil Liar

Hillary Clinton, media, evil, Jonathan Allen, media coverage of Hillary Clinton, why do media need Hillary Clinton to be evilHillary Clinton has become the political equivalent of your favorite cute kitten video. Because Hillary hate is good business.

I often find myself almost shaking my fist at the TV screen when “news” shows “report” on Hillary Clinton.

On any given morning, the scrolling headlines at CNN include questions about whether Hillary is on her way to losing the Iowa Caucus and whether Bernie ‘we think you’re a rock star’ Sanders will be the winner there. When the topic is Hillary and her political future, or her lack thereof, networks gather some talking heads to weigh in on what they believe she is doing wrong, and have a “debate” – Oh, whatever will she do?! Bernie is nipping at her heels?! Is her campaign done before it gets started?!? Oh, woe is Hillary?!

You can also almost set your watch on how long into these segments someone will, just for good measure, throw in a ‘why she’s too old just’ barb, even while ignoring the fact that Bernie is four years older and already in his seventies.

But back to Iowa.

The Iowa Caucus. The one that’s three months away. The one that only determines about one percent of the electoral votes in a presidential race. The event that has virtually no predictive weight about who eventually becomes president. Yet here we are, watching “news” channels as they pound the drum of faux political analysis to fill air time instead of covering things that are really impacting our lives now — like what, if any, impact there will be on our economy as a result of Greece/Euro-zone debacle or the precarious nuclear arms talks with Iran?

So why do they do it?

There really is only one reason — eyeballs. Ratings. Website clicks. That’s why there is so much writing and spinning about Hillary who, as far as voters are concerned, is the most admired woman in America.

Hillary hate is good business.

But here’s a question — what if we stopped feeding that beast? If we stopped clicking or watching or sharing the semi-outrageous, half-truth hand-wringing commentary, they’d stop producing it.

In a recent article by Jonathan Allen, co-author of recent book about HRC called HRC,  Allen admits he wants to be a good journalist, but he wants to sell books — and the Hillary as evil narrative does that:

“But the easier way to [to sell books] — proven over time — is to write as though the Clintons are the purest form of evil. The same holds for daily reporting. Want to drive traffic to a website? Write something nasty about a Clinton, particularly Hillary.”

So what’s a girl to do when she’s got a Hillary book due to hit the shelves in a week? Write more stories with a headline like the one I gave this post? I wish I had that in me, but I don’t.

What Allen’s piece doesn’t address is why there isn’t a ‘good for the goose, good for the gander’ rule for other candidates. We’ve had 17 GOP presidential contenders at one point, yet no journalistic fist-pounding on issues like Chris Christie and “Bridgegate.” Isn’t someone trying to track down Bridget Anne Kelley to find out what really happened? I know if I was still a daily reporter covering this campaign, that would be on my ‘to do’ list. And how about pushing Jeb Bush more on Donald Trump and the outrageous claims he is making about Mexicans coming across our borders? Jeb, as the father of Latino children and husband of a Mexican-born woman (who Trump has called an “illegal Mexican”), has an extremely personal stake in that craziness, yet he’s merely said he’s “personally offended” by Trump’s statements and wants to focus on real immigration issues.

Sounds to me like this is Jeb’s Michael Dukakis moment, yet there’s been no media criticism of his tepid family comeback that feels like it was meant to pander to conservative voters.

I have to guess that the answer to my not-so-rhetorical question is because those stories won’t get the clicks and the eyeballs like Bill and Hill. Our feelings about the Clintons are so uniquely visceral and conflicted, that you just have to say their last name and the word “scandal” and Voila! Click magic!

Hillary Clinton has become the political equivalent of the cute kitten video — everyone watches it, it gets shared with friends and even though we know that kitty can’t possibly be that cute all the time, we hope that it is so we keep going back for more. Hillary coverage isn’t meant to inform us; it’s meant to distract us from the things we ought to be focusing on, yet we can’t turn away. We can change that, but not until we get over our fixation with faux scandals … and kittens.

Joanne Bamberger is an independent journalist, journalism entrepreneur and founder of The Broad Side. She is also the editor of the forthcoming anthology, Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox, already an Amazon #1 Hot New Release! You can find Joanne on Twitter at @jlcbamberger and on Facebook.

Image via Wikimedia Commons/in the public domain

  • Joshua Brennig

    Hillary has devoted her whole life to
    public service. America thrived under the last two Clinton administrations,
    which gave us eight years of peace and prosperity, ending in a surplus, AND
    the Notorious RBG! 😀 Hillary Clinton
    shares Jimmy Carter’s dedication to improving the lives of others. Carter
    helped thousands of people with his Habitat for Humanity organization, and
    Hillary has done the same with the Clinton Foundation. http://www.clintonfoundation.org

    • erasearchons

      Haha….you must be working for her campaign. Give it a rest and stop supporting oligarchs. And no, I don’t support Trump or the GOP.


      She’s a power hungry liar. As those are her good traits.

    • allah_speaking

      Flagged for excessive brainwashing.

    • Cole Fisher

      Should’ve never lifted that rock.

    • Seacan

      Are you that gullible??

    • Rumble Fish

      You’re working for her campaign. Your comment can not be legit. I refuse to believe someone with such a nice name as Jennifer Lee could ever be this willfully ignorant of one of the most absolutely corrupt politicians in American history.

  • Joanna, I am as frustrated by this type of thing as others but it may be incorrect to think that HC is being singled out. All news sources are losing the dividing line between news, commentary, analysis, and editorial. As a subscriber to the Washington Post in both paper and electronic versions I’m seeing this firsthand. In days gone by the Post’s front page was reserved for news and the editorial page for opinion but no more. Analysis and commentary frequently start on the front page these days and it’s true for HC as well as Republican rivals. What this does of is blur the distinction between “journalism” and what we get from blogs and websites with a point of view. One impact is to make one wonder, “If they are not going to publish the news, why should I keep paying for this?”

  • Tellit Likeitis

    She IS a liar…

    • Christine Trzcinski

      ummm sure….whatever you say.

      • erasearchons

        Yes, she is a liar. Just like all politicians.

        • LuluB

          No, she is exceptional at it. She lies about little things, like the origin of her name. She lies about big things, like not having more than one electronic device used for State business.

          • Gary

            “We were under sniper fire when we landed.” LOL!!!!!

          • LuluB

            Well, she could have been! If there was a sniper there, firing at her!

          • Gary

            But there wasn’t! There’s video of her getting off the aircraft, walking around shaking hands with everyone there with that dumbass Jack-O-Lantern grin of hers.

      • Joel
        • Joel

          13 minutes of it.

          • Craig

            If you listen closely, you can hear her staffers with the fire extinguishers putting her pants out. Pants suit, just Kim Jong-un wears.

        • El Chupa Nibre


          do youre research please this video omitted and edited statements in order to twist her words. the real liar is the creator of this video.

          • Seacan

            U can’t be this gullible can u? If this were an official debate, you would lose in a landslide. Hilliard lies.if you can’t see that, don’t vote.

          • LuluB

            Watch CSPAN! Watch her CSPAN Congressional speech! CSPAN! She later pretended this never happened! how stupid does she think we are?:

      • allah_speaking

        Let me guess, you want to vote for her because she doesn’t have a penis. Where do I send the free burqa?

      • Gary

        Yeah, whatever we say. We and the director of the FBI, who told the truth about Hillary at great risk to his own career and maybe even his life. I know your post is old, but do you still trust her now?

        • Craig

          Oh, you mean where he said Hillary LIED about everything? THAT FBI Director? The Marxist POS obama had the fix in, so Director Comey tucked tail and did as he was told, but he told everyone that Hillary was a lying POS. You are correct about “risk…maybe even his life” because people that cross the Clintons do seem to end up dead. Many commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head, twice, with their hands wire-tied behind their backs. Sometimes they use a shotgun. If you want to see what a communist tyrannical monster Hillary would be if elected, read about her “Hillarycare”. Socialist democrats have wanted this for a hundred years, because if they run the healthcare system, they OWN you.

          • Gary

            You come across as though you are arguing with me, when it looks to me like we agree. Which is it?

    • LuluB

      She lied to NPR. NPR! She started tearing Terry Gross a new hole in her head for kinda, sorta, maybe suggesting that Hillary had “evolved” in her stance on Gay Marriage. Hillary basically went off on a “Queen of Hearts” tirade:

  • Lol she’s far from evil #Clinton2016

    • Allen Bishopman

      REPORTER: Hi, Secretary Clinton, will you release the transcripts of your paid speeches to Goldman Sachs?

      HILLARY CLINTON: [laughs]

      Yeah, she’s totally trustworthy…

  • Max Fitzgerald

    Ever consider that maybe the media spends so much time bashing hillary because there is so much to bash, the inaccuracies in her statements are alarming, anyone who does some research can see this for them selves. Let’s say that Hillary actually isn’t a liar and she thinks what she is saying is the truth then why would we elect her president if she is constantly spouting off inaccurate statements?

    • lena mcfarland

      Politifact rated her as the most honest, the most accurate candidate.

      So the question is why your perception does not match with measurable reality. How much of it is subconscious gender bias and how much is media driven?

      Also Bernie supporters…if you think misogyny isn’t alive and well if Bernie was the candidate…reporters were going to come hard for Mrs. Sanders. Harder than on Bernie. Why? Ask Michelle Obama. Ask John Kerry’s wife. It’s what happens in campaigns. Surviving that hazing is partly what made Hillary Clinton and the scars are still a part of public perceptions of her today.

      • Cole Fisher

        That paragraph made me puke. Why are you using corporate funded sources when Hillary’s campaign is funded by them? How about I direct your attention to Open Secrets.org. Look at her donors and her “honest” cheating/advantages (emily’s list, a money pit for those born a certain way). Then look at Bernie Sander’s PAC’s. Then look at top 10 Hillary Clinton flip flops while your high on truth.

        • lena mcfarland

          I do not believe all women are prostitutes. Therefore i do not believe that everyone who gives a woman money owns her. There are a lot of people who have given me money. I own myself.


          If you want to argue that Hillary’s politics are completely a function of her donors, construct that argument. But it’s hard to do because she’s also whip smart and has reasons that she can articulate beautifully for most of what she does. In other words she isn’t bought and sold by anyone.

          Most of us women are similar. Money is a necessary evil.

          And unless we can get a democrat in the White House to overturn citizens United, open secrets is going to look like that for every politician who wins.

          Why don’t we change the law? As Robert Reich says, Hillary is a good candidate for the political system we have right now.

          If that system makes you puke, then change it. Incrementally maybe, but smaller changes are better than no changes.

          Cheers to hard work and getting politically involved.

          • Seacan

            “In other words she isn’t bought and sold by anyone.” You are on drugs.

          • DatBadger

            thats not how it works in politics though. Why are we talking about prostitution?

          • Rumble Fish

            Are you a real person? I’m not being dense I swear. No trolling. I just can’t believe you’re a real person who could say this about someone as utterly, painfully and blatantly corrupt as Hillary ‘I’m married to a rapist’ Clinton. How… Just… How sad are you? HRC is a woman that’s worth defending to you … simply because she’s a woman and not a man? So her character has nothing to do with it? Her past? How she orchestrated with her husband to issue a ridiculous amount of pardons on his last day in office in order to secure votes for her planned New York position(a place she had never lived, suddenly, she thinks it’s her place to rule the people she knows nothing of in a place she knows even less of, I mean besides what the air port looks like on her way to her limo). You… You are a prime example of why nations rise and fall. The apathy. Such apathy. Such arrogance and willing intellectual suicide. You make me utterly depressed. Do you even care what her husband did? do you even care the horrendous things HRC did to Bill’s rape accusers? And you think yourself a champion of women? You are the opposite. You are the indoctrinated zombie that couldn’t fight to defend something no matter how many lives depended on it. You’re the result of an insulated, protected, spoiled, useless society that doesn’t even know where they come from or how they got here. You’re the teacher that ignores the failing student. You’re the principle that ignores the vicious bully traumatizing the less popular students. You are disgusting.

            You have to be bought and paid for. You have to be part of her campaign staff. Something going on with your comments here can not be legit. I refuse to believe someone can be this pathetic. Please say it ain’t so.

            “and has reasons that she can articulate beautifully for most of what she does”
            you mean how she changes her accent and views on a whim depending on whichever kind of demographic she’s addressing?

            Please point me to a single thing HRC has ever said that was ‘beautiful’. You are truly sick. Demented.

          • lena mcfarland

            Wow. Are you a real person or a paid troll. I don’t think I’ve ever been subjected to as much of an attack as this one. You want one beautiful sentence from Hillary? Women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights once and for all.

            Another one?

            Gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights…

            You want a single policy of hers I liked? SCHIP. Another one? Zadroga Act.

            You think New Yorkers elected Hillary to the senate because of pardons her husband made while in office? How did this influence the electorate of New York? Do you know how weird that sounds? She convinced people to vote for her by being a person we thought would be good in office.

            The Clinton foundation has an a rating from charity watch groups. It does good all over the world.

            You want to elect Trump and you call me an apathetic zombie?

            Are you for real?

            The propaganda campaign against the Clintons is real and if you’ve fallen for it that’s on you.

          • Gary

            Her repeated lies are well documented. Or did the Republicans hire a dead-on look alike to say those things on camera, then say the opposite at other places and times? She’s a lying crook and your denial doesn’t change that.

          • Craig

            BUT…Hillary sells herself to the muslims who treat women as possessions and murder homosexuals. YOU ARE A MORON! The lie that Hillary cares is dismissed by her actions. She tells you, a simple-minded person, and you believe it. You are wrong about the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. Just two years ago most all charity rating organizations had the Clinton Foundation spending less that 10% on real charities and the rest going to “expenses”. If the Clinton Foundation does such good works, then why did Slick Willie and George HW Bush team up to help Indonesia by begging for money?
            Most of your “facts” are just democrat simpleton phrases.
            Why don’t you tell me why Hillary cut down the American Flag at Wellsley, repeatedly?
            Why don’t you tell me why Hillary is a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA and the Socialist Workers party USA?
            Why is it that Hillary gets good reviews from you for SAYING she wanted to do something, but never actually has done anything?
            Why don’t you tell me why Hillary is claiming Trump is a “birther’ yet, it was HILLARY that started the “obama is not an American” back in 2007.
            Sorry, Lena, you are being duped and lied to by Hillary. Like she always does.

          • Gary

            So well said. Thank you. Ever notice how when faced with a tough question, every other word out of Hillary is “uh”? That’s the opposite of “articulating beautifully.” That’s trying to think up a good lie on the fly and she is terrible at it. I can’t wait for an unscripted debate with Donald Trump. It’s going to be hilarious, Or is that Hillaryous?

          • Gary

            Uh, you do know there’s been a Dem in the White house for 7.5 years, right?

      • Seacan

        And politifact doesn’t have ANY political agenda now does it. I read their take on Hillary and if u can’t see that she’s a pathological liar, I have some ice I’d like to sell you.

      • DatBadger

        what are you saying exactly.

      • Gary

        There are countless videos of Hillary saying something, then saying the opposite. She tailors her lies to fit with whomever it is she is trying to impress. Clever and cunning? Possibly. But honest? No way!

    • LuluB

      Bashing her? Were you in a coma over the past six months? She has been handled more carefully than any, other candidate who has run in this election. Here’s a Harvard study, showing exactly this:

  • She is everything wrong about what we call “politics” in the USA. She is evil insofar that she exclusively represents the trans-national capitalist class, and opposes the interests of the working class. The only wrong about the coverage is the way she is singled out, as if she was the cause, when in fact the system is the cause… she is a mere symptom. Every single establishment politician is evil, and the media only “likes” that brand of evil, Hillary just is a perfect example…. but the idea that she is unusually evil, when in fact she is the norm, is the ridiculous part… she is evil though, along with the rest of the “acceptable” choices.

  • Tasha

    Who knew that getting four men killed under her disastrous reign as
    Secretary of State, strengthening Islamic terrorists via her Muslim Brotherhood connections, classified e-mails left UNPROTECTED (because she doesn’t value national security – see Benghazi), her slush fund known as the “Clinton Foundation”, that all of this should be considered FAUX SCANDALS????? Have you no conscience whatsoever, Joanne? You ought to be utterly ashamed of yourself. You are not a credible journalist. Hillary Clinton is also a man-hater and pro-abortion-at-every-stage woman with murder and hatred in her heart. The “media” hasn’t been nearly tough enough with her – she shouldn’t even be running for president at all!

    • El Chupa Nibre

      Why are you pinning the attacks on just her blame the whole administration.

      • Seacan

        El Chupa…you need to wake up. Seriously. Even honest democrats can’t get around that she’s a pathological liar. They just don’t want trump.

  • Mitch Eaton

    • Mitch Eaton

      Does the author even Google? This is the first video that pops up on Google when using her full name. It’s the second video that pops up using just her first.

    • El Chupa Nibre


      youre the one who has to do the research this video omitted and edited statements in order to twist her words. the real liar is the creator of this video.

      • Mitch Eaton

        Yeah, because she’s always been for gay marriage, she’s never voted for any war, she was against TPP, and she most definitely was under sniper fire. Who are you kidding?

        • El Chupa Nibre

          she never claimed shes always been for gay marriage. read the article. shes said her biggest mistake was voting for iraq. the sniper fire was a lie but the comment is really irrelevant anyways. she was just embellishing the story.

          • Seacan

            Really El….really?

          • DatBadger

            really. it was irrelevant? so embellishment isn’t lying? Ok guy….

      • Seacan

        El Chupa…. To say s video was edited doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Can’t you see that they’re trying to trick you into defending Hillary? Sheesh. How much more obvious can it be?

  • Cole Fisher

    This article’s bias is unreal. An attempt to sell a book on Hillary you edited. Foul indeed. A jealous pursuit…and here I am reading Othello in a classroom…

  • Jeremy

    She is the worst and most evilest person. She freed a rapest and blamed the 12 year old girl for the rape. Also when she talked about winning the case she was laughing about it. If she becomes president we’re screwed.

    • ione713

      Every time I read this I want to puke as it’s been totally investigated and proven to be FALSE!

  • Nobody

    Hillary is just evil

    • lena mcfarland

      Ha. If by evil you mean she’s kind, has a sense of humor, is a genius at policy detail and has an amazing background advocating for the rights of women and children…then yes…

      She’s exactly what you say. And she’s going to be the 45th president. Get used to it..

      • Rocky

        “The real victims of war are women and children”. Pissing on the graves of countless young men who gave their lives so she could be a feminist and run for Potus.

        • lena mcfarland

          I have no idea what you’re taking about. Bush started the Iraqi war, the biggest foreign policy blunder since Vietnam. Is bush a feminist too by your reckoning?

          • Rocky

            You mean the war Bush started all by his lil ole self? If he didn’t need Hilary’s vote then why did she bother voting in favour of it? Hmmm.
            Only a feminist could make a statement that portrays women as somehow more special than all the men who die; in the same category as children nonetheless. Lifeboat feminism at its finest. Actually its one of the most ignorant things I have heard in a prepared speech.
            Look, I get why you don’t like Trump. But hating him does not make Hilary a saint. Lots of folks are making that mistake in both directions.

          • lena mcfarland

            Hi you. Yes I mean the war that bush started and holds responsibility for starting. I get it that blaming Hillary’s single vote (authorizing force) works for you (because hey she’s a woman and you think feminists are to blame for all of the wrong in the world today), but most of both parties voted to authorize that use of force. And blaming people other than bush or every single person who voted to authorize it makes no logical sense. Biden voted to authorize force. Kerry did. Obama wasn’t in the senate at the time.

            Yes, so it’s pretty weird to act as if it was Hillary’s war.

            Historians agree that her single vote isn’t responsible for the Cheney bush enterprise that went so awry.

            She holds responsibility for one vote, which she’s more than admitted. But the whole war?

            Only in the fantasies of her most feverish opponents.

            Take care.

          • Rocky

            Hey there, thanks for the rant…all that just for me? I feel so special. Never said it was Hilary’s war but she was certainly complicit. An active bystander. Anyways, as they say, be careful what you wish for…..

          • Rocky

            Also thx for not actually responding to her quote about who are the real victims of war. I guess sidestepping a question is better than lying though so I hold you in higher esteem than ‘sniper fire’ Clinton.

          • lena mcfarland

            Who is the real victim of war? Humanity. Men, women and children.

            Again I don’t see how your mind works in saying that Hillary is personally to blame in these deaths.

            Nobody wants to think past a headline but bill Clinton’s biggest humanitarian blunder was in NOT stepping in in Rwanda. Sometimes sitting on your hands also murders men, women, and children. We have a similar situation in Syria where Assad has no limit on how many people he murders to retain power.

            I’m pro peace. And I voted for Obama because he didn’t support the Iraq war. But maybe if Hillary had been president instead of Obama and was more aggressive toward Assad he wouldn’t have had the balls to engage in the active slaughter of so many Syrians.

            You have to think past a headline and use your whole brain instead of being lazy. It’s hard to know who the best leader is in any given historical moment. But I think Hillary brings a humanitarian sensibility along with her willingness to be tough and I think this is the leadership combination the world needs right now. Will she be perfect? No. The Iraq war was a mistake and she’s said so.

            But will she bring a lifetime of relationships with other leaders in foreign countries to bear on American diplomacy?

            Yes. That’s why she has my vote. And the sniper fire thing…on the plane as they were landing they were warned about sniper fire even though there wasn’t any on the ground after all. Her anxiety about it led her to recall that story with more drama than there was. Get over it.

            She’s a politician and a good one and a more honest one than most. But she’s not running for mother Teresa’s old position. Politics ain’t beanbag.


          • Rocky

            Actually its you who missed the point and btw political laziness is defined as not looking at events/behaviours objectively so right back at ya.

            “Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers, their sons in combat. Women often have to flee from the only homes they have ever known. Women are often the refugees from conflict and sometimes, more frequently in today’s warfare, victims. Women are often left with the responsibility, alone, of raising the children.”

            Not sure why you say humanity are the real victims; clearly she purposely ignores males as victims and views them as expendable accessories to women’s lives. Her quote is about ALL wars btw.i find her representative of the male- hating feminism as it stands today.

            It is indisputable that Hilary lies; look at her stance on gay marriage for instance. Or lying about classified emails on her private server…the list goes on.

            There were snipers at one time so she felt licence to wildly exaggerate the story? It will be spell binding to hear her tale after she initiates nuclear launch codes, won’t it?

            It’s about time that we had a female in office; it is also very important that she be a good president and above reproach; it will be detrimental to future women as candidates if she isn’t.

            I wish you the cognitive clarity that comes when you pull your head out of the sand. May you always be safe from sniper fire.

          • lena mcfarland

            Try to break down your assumptions. What lie did she tell about her email? People keep saying she lied with no evidence that she lied. Sort of ironic.

            And she was warned about sniper fire while that plane landed. She same one. Sometimes you receive a briefing about sniper fire the same day. And there turns out not to be any. But considering how many important pieces of information she processes in all of these years I think she’s amazing, memory wise.

            Jill abramson former nyt editor says after years of investigating her she’s fundamentally honest.

            So if you have proof of lies she’s told leave it here. If you have no proof that proves my point.


          • Rocky

            Hilary; ” I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified materials. I am confident that I never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time. I had not sent classified material nor received anything marked classified.”

            GOWDY: Secretary Clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her emails either sent or received. Was that true?
            COMEY: That’s not true.
            GOWDY: Secretary Clinton said, “I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material.” Was that true?
            COMEY: There was classified material emailed.

            Hmm, somebody’s pants are on fire….

            There is much curiosity about the next wiki leaks release of docs…. could burst the dyke …pun intended.

          • lena mcfarland

            Did you watch coney’s interview with congress after his big press conference?

            That’s the funny thing about calling someone a liar without all the facts at your disposal.

            Did you know that Gowdy also uses a private email server?

            I thought not. She did not send classified information on her private email server. There were three emails wrongly marked with a c inside the email but which were not classified. There was some information that became retroactively classified. But was not classified at the time.

            But she did not send classified information. If she had there would be information about what information she sent. There is none.

            Have a good day.




          • Rocky

            Great argument! So Hilary isn’t at fault because other ‘bad’ people called her out? Haha. Last time I heard that defence it was from a three year old.

            You attempt to split hairs here; like Bill “it depends on what the meaning if the word “is” is. The fact she is a lawyer to me indicates she of all people should have known it was wrong. Problem is lawyers like her use their knowledge to find grey areas of words and meaning as a means of subverting due process of law. Poor Billy got disbarred for perjury; she walks that tightrope herself. That’s Potus material.

            To the best of my knowledge Gowdy isn’t running for prez. or acting as secretary of state and intentionally subverting established security guidelines; if he is then he should be censured.

            Doesn’t change what Hilary did either way, does it? The DNC defence “It was the Russians’ won’t fly here. May good fortune attend you and may you bathe in the light of reason.

          • lena mcfarland

            You didn’t read the links did you?

            Hillary did not send or receive emails correctly marked classified.

            If she had we would know.

            You’re the one parsing.

            The problem is that Hillary is constantly held to a different standard than her male colleagues. 100 million dollars spent investigating everything from whitewater to Benghazi and emails.

            And you have nothing. But you continue to pretend you have something.

            We’re two internet strangers so neither of us truly cares what the other one thinks.

            I’m not even a personal fan of Hillary. I voted for Obama in 08. But I think the double standard, the lies people are willing to tell while calling her a liar are interesting.

            She’s hated by the media because they think she’s gauche or unattractive or something.

            But the money that’s spent investigating her, the more exonerated she is. Remember when republicans were using Benghazi to hang her? Why aren’t they now? Oh yes, because she was not personally to blame for Benghazi like they claimed she was. Then it was going to be emails. There are vague claims “she lied” but there’s no proof that she sent emails knowingly with information correctly marked classified. That’s why the investigator comey said no prosecutor would bring charges in 100 years. But you weren’t listening to that part. Then it’s the Clinton foundation. Oops they have an a rating higher than the Red Cross from charity watch. Oops there is no actual evidence of pay to play.

            But the nebulous accusations go on. Clinton derangement syndrome.

            This is an obnoxious phenomenon when someone as toxic as trump is this close to power.

            Hillary Clinton is smart and ambitious. She’s been investigated more than any other modern politician or maybe any American politician in history and you guys have nothing.

            It must be annoying to spend so much tax layer money with so little results. Except smearing her character doesn’t depend on results does it? Nope. You can just allege wrong doing until the end of time.

            It works for the hardcore partisan haters and maybe they snag some independents who don’t look for facts.

            Anyway. I don’t care. Hate away. Call me names. Call her a liar.

            You just don’t have proof of what you allege because there is no reasonable proof.

        • lena mcfarland

          Only four people died in Benghazi. In bush’s war, women died too.

          I just noticed that you forgot to mention. This.

      • Nobody

        Ok then get used to the White House scandals then.

        • lena mcfarland

          Fake scandals that waste tax payer money and exonerate her of wrong doing?

          Yep. I’ll expect that.

      • Nobody

        IF she is president and I mean IF we should probably get used to the lies and White House scandals.

  • Enigmatic Albatross

    If Hillary wants to stop being called evil, she should stop being evil. Every time someone justifies their reasons for voting for this(that?) criminal… I get dizzy and fall over? I don’t know, I’m bad at finishing sentences.

    • lena mcfarland

      Great. I’m voting for her because she’s a smart, hardworking politician who is going to be a fantastic president.
      Are you dizzy yet? Have you fainted?

      In four and eight years when you can see I’m right you’re welcome to thank me for voting for her.

      • Michael Perriello

        Lol. Im a democrat but she is absolutely full of it. It is disgusting. Worst 2 candidates maybe ever.

        • lena mcfarland

          Disagree strongly. Obama, Hillary and Bill are great candidates. And better presidents.

          You shall see.

          • FirstBoot

            You sound like a complete and utter idiot. You’ve got to be weapons grade stupid to think Obama is a good pResident and that Hillary is anything but a corrupt and self serving liar.

          • lena mcfarland

            If you think trump and w. bush are superior to or less corrupt than Hillary and Obama that’s telling. That you think I’m stupid does not offend me. Read more facts. Fewer right wing rags.


            Also what is it that Hillary has lied about again? Her email? She said used a private server and she said she regrets it. Where is the lie?

            And the Clinton foundation has a higher rating from charity watch than the Red Cross does. Where’s the corruption? Bono asked for special favors and Huma said “no clue” as to how to grant his favor. Where’s the corruption?

            If you don’t read facts just right wing opinion pieces they take you to a place of lies and corruption. That’s why I suggest reading more sources more widely.

          • FirstBoot

            Perhaps you need to read what I wrote. Where did you read anything about Bush and Trump in my reply? Take your own advice sweetheart. You evidently haven’t read a fact in years if you think Obama is a good president and Hillary is anything but corrupt and self-serving. Good luck to you on your search for truth. You won’t find it in the media.

          • lena mcfarland

            Obama is a good president.

            I can see that with my own two eyes.

            If you think he’s not your sources of lies and misinformation don’t interest me.

            Tax payers have also spent 100 million dollars investigating Hillary Clinton. Do you know what all of that discovered?

            That her husband was having an affair with an intern.

            If she was corrupt you would have proof. Instead you’re just another internet doofus alleging unsubstantiated dirt on Hillary Clinton.

            It’s really going to chap your hide when she’s not only president, but a good president and someone who has always been more honest than her critics.


          • FirstBoot

            You’re a willful idiot. I could present you with a dossier full of Hillary’s crimes and you wouldn’t read it. You don’t want to know anything beyond the liberal talking points because you are a myopic leftie. You refuse to educate yourself and make informed decisions at the voting booth so you get what you deserve when you are picking through the ruins of what was once a great country. Unfortunately, you and your ilk will take the rest of us down with you. BaaBaa you little myrmidon.

          • lena mcfarland

            100,000 million spent and it must kill you that there’s nothing there.

            If she was a criminal it would be easy to prove. So many depositions. So many searches. So much information considered by so many people. Teams of attorneys and conservative organizations. Citizen haters.

            Has it ever occurred to you that the reason there is no proof that Hillary Clinton is a criminal because she is not a criminal?

            Has that crossed your mind even once? Occam’s razor says it’s because there’s no there there. She’s a politician but a relatively clean one.

            That fact probably chaps your hide. And will continue to do so for the next near decade.


            Ps more to help you lose sleep at night.


          • FirstBoot

            It’s obvious to even the casual observer that you and independent thinking will never cross paths. So, stay in your liberal bubble and spew your liberal talking points until you turn blue in the face. I’d wish you good luck in your future but you won’t have much of one if you keep voting like a brain dead liberal.

  • TX Lineman

    That woman is a lying evil traitor with a long line of corpuses behind her and Bill.
    Get your head out of the sand and do ten min of research.
    Hillary for Prison 2016

    • lena mcfarland

      Hi Mr. Gingrich, still bitter about being passed over by Trumpence I see…

      • Rumble Fish

        I might die a happy man if I got to see you try and speak with Gingrich. You know he would utterly annihilate you, yes? Is that why you hate him so much? Because he’s so much smarter than you?

        • lena mcfarland

          Annihilate me? With his intelligence? 🙂

          Gingrich is a dumb guy’s idea of a smart guy.

          Trump is a poor person’s idea of a rich person.

          I find them both as loathesome
          –with their bevy of wives
          and dumb media desperation–as old toads.

          • WestWilliamson

            Very cute. You would be obliterated with a few sentences, confronted with the horrible and factual failures of the spoiled stagnation that is this disgusting disease you call liberalism. Except in it’s modern form, it’s nothing but suicide and anything liberalism. You are the product of a spoiled rotten society that has works/fights for nothing and believes in nothing. You think fairness is something that comes from telling people to be nice. You are a dangerous idiot.

          • lena mcfarland

            Oh honey.

            Gingrich was a guy cheating on his wife while at the same exact time impeaching Bill Clinton for cheating on his wife.

            You deserve better role models. And if you study his writing…there are smart Republicans. And He is not one.

  • DatBadger

    This was poorly written. and hillary clinton is a terrible person

    • lena mcfarland

      Hillary Clinton is a really terrible person if you abhor women, think children are gross, and are disgusted be the idea of Americans all having access to health care!!

      • DatBadger

        No im disgusted by the fact that she’s somehow above the law even though she’s a proven threat to national security, a war criminal, and a criminal in general. also the fact that she has no respect for my culture as an African-American and will blatantly try to pander to us without any general affinity towards wtf she’s saying.

        • lena mcfarland

          She was not proven to be a national security threat. So why lie about that?

          She’s not proven to be a war criminal.

          Why lie about that?

          Anyway. I don’t know if you think Trump will be good for your community or mine but it’s my firm belief that he will not be.

          • DatBadger

            We recommend no charges…. although she IS guilty

          • lena mcfarland

            NO reasonable prosecutor would bring charges because if she’s guilty we would start bringing charges against others who were “careless but not malicious” and that would bring down half of washington and we couldn’t make this a witch hunt anymore about just one woman…


  • Hillary is a pathological liar…period!

    • lena mcfarland

      Sure. Whatever you say. You don’t see the irony in lying about Hillary being pathological?

      • There is no irony…only the Truth!

        • lena mcfarland

          Ha. No one who cares about truth with a capital or a small t could ever possibly vote for Donald J. Trump.

          That is the Truth.

  • LuluB

    Hillary needs no help from anyone, to come across as that. Here is the REAL Hillary:

    • lena mcfarland

      Hey cray cray, are you saying Hilary should have refused to do her job as a criminal defender attorney?


      • LuluB

        She chose to do it as a favor for a friend, not an obligation as a court appointed attorney, Lena.

        All lawyers know — or should know, if they don’t want to get disbarred, like Bill Clinton was — that it is fundamentally unethical to defend someone as innocent when a lawyer sees or hears something that leads them to believe their client is guilty. She admitted she knew her client was guilty because she “lost all faith” in polygraph tests after her client passed one. Yet, she still demanded evidence be thrown out, despite her knowledge of the legitimacy of that evidence.

        Feigning ignorance is done often by corrupt attorneys but it technically against the rules.

        And don’t use the phrase “cray cray”. It makes you sound incredibly immature and lacking in authority. Just a word to the wise…

        • lena mcfarland

          Your facts are wrong. She tried to get out of the case and was not permitted to.

          Not telling the truth about Hillary Clinton while trying to portray her negatively…

          How common is that in this world?

          How are you different than these people on Jimmy Kimmel?

          Hillary Clinton is the most lied about politician of our era. There’s enough true things to criticize her for. Why not admit that lying about her makes YOU look bad?

          And the word cray cray applies to the wild world of dishonest Clinton accusers.

          If the crazy shoe fits.

          • LuluB

            Did you listen to her interview on file at University of Arkansas? Are we to not take her at her own word? Or is your personal opinion more accurate? Listen to her own words, dear. Her words. Not mine.

            If she is lying, wouldn’t that be…bizarre? Like someone who is a pathological liar?

  • dginz

    I think you are a little confused. The media wants you to think she isn’t a liar! The media is on HER side!

  • Dennis S Winningstad

    The author is willfully ignorant…or lying about a liar!

  • Matt

    She’s been a liar since Watergate….that we know of….all her bs is very provable….you should do some research and/or find a different job/hobby than writing this bs….

  • Jc Porter

    I stopped watching major media propaganda because they favor Hillary sooooo much and go out of their way to try and discredit Trump. It’s obvious Hillary Clinton is corrupt, a liar, has caused the death of 4 Government employees and is in this for the money – and has already been elected by some large scale power effort. The plan is in place to take away more rights, raise taxes even more and write multiple new laws to change society towards the complete Government control and dismantling of our history and our freedoms.

  • Josh Gilman
  • Nikki

    She lies to everyone. She will get away with it. If she did this just 10 no maybe 5 years ago she’d be done. My my how times have changed.

  • David

    this is a Lie! It should say :

    Why the Media doesn’t Want You to Think Hillary Clinton is a Big, Fat, Evil Liar

  • Derek Wheeler

    Look because our parents and their parents were raised on a generation of News that is now “News” they seem painfully unaware that news is made for ratings not accuracy and still swear by what the news says. My stepdad watches the news a lot and always votes for politicians that get majority of their money from the most corrupt SuperPACs who demand the most political favors after elections.

    Yet he thinks negatively and badly of politicans that as he says “Accept so many private donations” Apparently after doing some research the local news station he has been watching for years has done their best to pretend SuperPACs don’t exist. In fact Private Donors are the evil people this station owned by a rich man implies while blatantly ignoring the simple fact that those private donors are people like my StepDad donating $5 $10 a month to politicians they believe in instead of the rich men who are buying votes.

    When I finally asked my stepdad “Why are you voting for (x)” and he told me of his concerns I had to legitmately repeat the question because his answer was “Because I won’t support people whose vote is being bought” I realized he didn’t know what SuperPACs were and I had to teach him all about them. And the fact that when they say Private Donors they mean the people limited legally by how much they can donate.

    The news he watched had never explained this new state of affairs to him and being a busy man with a full time job he had never had time to research something he had no reason to believe existed. So he was actively voting against his best interest because the news he trusted told him an apple was a banana.

  • Bodinky100

    What a load of pure fiction!

  • Ray

    Absurd. The MSM is in the tank for her, have been for nearly 25 years now.

  • KeiraKnows

    The media doesn’t want you to know the depth and extent to which Hillary Clinton hates others. http://truthfeed.com/8-actual-hillary-quotes/8825/

  • Boden Serrano


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